Dodge Demon Is No Threat To Tuned, 1000 HP Corvette ZR1

The Dodge Challenger Demon may be one of the quickest stock vehicles in the world but it has nothing on a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 modified extensively by Hennessey Performance.

The Texas tuning company started working on the C7-generation ZR1 shortly after customer deliveries of the car commenced and provides a number of upgrade packages for it, including one with no less than 1,200 hp on tap. The ‘Vette featured in this clip isn’t quite that insane but with 1,000 hp, it is still absolutely brutal.

In order to see how it would perform against a Demon, Hennessey put the two alongside each other at the drag strip immediately behind its facility for a rolling race.

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The race sees the two set off at 30 mph (48 km/h) and the ‘Vette does suffer from a bit of wheelspin off the line but despite this, it quickly establishes a lead over the Demon and continues to pull away for the entirety of the straight. No one should be particularly surprised by this result but the race is well worth watching just to hear these two V8-powered monsters scream down a drag strip.

During a bunch of recent testing, Hennessey was able to send its 1000 hp Corvette ZR1 down the quarter mile in just 9.79-seconds at 139 mph (224 km/h). The car includes a new high-flow induction system, custom camshaft, ported cylinder heads, upgraded valve springs and retainers, new intake valves, bespoke exhaust valves, upgraded lifters and pushrods, and a multitude of other modifications to give it 245 hp more than a stock ZR1.


  • Ben

    In other news, an Arabian horse can out run a Bison! In studio, famous smart person Neil Degrasse Tyson is here to explain why, Neil…

  • Craig

    Can’t really tell how much faster/quicker the Corvette was. And did they use the proper fuel in the Demon to get 840 hp? That said… and given the fact that the Demon weighs HALF A TON more – I’m more impressed by the Dodge.

  • Six_Tymes

    that is the silliest title yet here. I mean, why would it be


    • Dark Rebel

      Even from the factory this particular purpose built sports car will win. However in this instance it is tuned so I’d hope it would win.

  • Bash

    This isn’t even comparable.

  • arnita

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  • Stephen G

    That seems fair comparing a heavy 4 passenger sedan with a trunk off the showroom floor at $85K with a highly modified vehicle that was designed for racing by professional race car builders at $120K. If the Vette cost $80K I might have been impressed.

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