Watch This Fillipino Jeepney Driver Masterfully Shift Gears With His Foot

Perfecting the art of the gear shift can be challenging but the following Jeepney driver in the Philippines appears to think that changing gears with his hands isn’t a little inconvenient. He prefers to do it with his right foot.

The guys over at Jalopnik stumbled across this video of a local man called Giancarlo Dones who lives in the Indang region of the Philippines and he has perfected the art of no-hand shifting.

A video of Dones shared on Facebook shows the Flipino using his right foot to change gears as opposed to reaching down and doing it with his right hand. Even thinking about changing gears with your foot is tiresome and we can’t actually imagine doing this in real life. It cannot be easy but Dones seems to have mastered it and can probably perform smoother shifts with his foot that many people can with their hand.

It remains unclear why Dones does what he does but his gear lever does appear to be very short and perhaps shifts with his foot as it is simply more convenient. Who knows. Frankly, it looks like an unnecessary hassle to us, but we have to commend the Jeepney driver’s creativity in coming up with this intriguing way of driving.

Evidently, this style of changing gears would only ever work in a vehicle with an upright seating position where the lever is closer to your foot than it is to our hand. Consequently, shifting like this in most cars would be virtually impossible.


driving skill level: 99999999999

Gepostet von Giancarlo Dones am Dienstag, 30. April 2019

  • Six_Tymes

    honestly, some of those drivers should be given a chance to be race car drivers.


  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Not sure a “professional” taxi driver would be wearing Crocs in other countries though?

  • McFly

    Ever wondered why the number of traffic deaths per vehicle in the Philippines is about ten times as high as in the US?
    (Which means about 30 times as high as in civilized counties)

  • Bash

    Cool: yes.
    Safe: no.

  • Eythan Aldrich

    “The guys over at Jalopnik stumbled across this video of a local man called Giancarlo Dones who lives in the Indang region of the Philippines and he has perfected the art of no-hand shifting”

    Indang region?! You mean Municipality of Indang in the Province of Cavite which is south of Metro Manila and Cavite is part of Region IV-A

    I’m sorry but as a Filipino…..I got triggered by it….

    • salamOOn

      omg nobody cares.

  • robotlogic

    Lazy choice of footwear, lazy driver shifting with his foot no surprises here.

    • MIL1234

      have you seen the height of the shift stick
      or have you lazy eyes ?

      • robotlogic

        Saw it, apparently he was also to lazy to fix his shifter.

        • rodriguez256

          Get off the internet you lazy bum.

  • Knarck

    The man is single footedly balancing out the universe as more cars progress towards self driving

  • sidewaysspin

    They should learn to drive like civilized people.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Skillful guy in Pinoy sauce! Nothing to marvel at. Probably he drives that way while speaking to old ladies and young ladies sitting in his Jeepney for long hours everyday, sweating and breathing exhausts to feed his family and send his kids to some good school. What i know is that each time i hire a driver in the Philippines he always takes me there and never fails to pick me up. That’s enough.

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