Would The Kia Telluride Work As A Pickup? That’s A Definite Maybe

The Kia Telluride is a mighty fine SUV, but what would it look like if the South Korean automaker decided to make it into a pickup truck? As it turns out, quite interesting.

The following renderings come from the Kia Telluride Forums and imagine a unibody pickup that would rival vehicles like the Honda Ridgeline. By basing the vehicle on the Telluride, Kia would be able to retain the SUV’s powertrain and most of its mechanical components.

Of course, the third row of seats has been eliminated in favor of a bed. Admittedly, the one depicted appears to be quite small and probably wouldn’t be substantial enough to attract a great deal of customers. However, if this were a true model, it probably would have had a more sizeable bed.

The actual Telluride is powered by a 3.8-liter V6 that offers up 291 hp and 262 lb-ft (355 Nm) of torque, which is more than enough to propel the three-row, full-size SUV.

Of course, the biggest question of all is whether or not Kia will ever build a pickup truck. We know that Hyundai intends on doing just that with a road-going version of the Santa Cruz Concept and, late last year, Kia admitted that it could look at producing a pickup, perhaps one to rival vehicles like the Renault Alaskan, Mercedes-Benz X-Class, and Mitsubishi L200, although more recently they said that, although it’s an option, their current focus is on SUVs and sedans instead.

  • no25

    I’m definitely onboard with this!

    • Jay

      Yes, definitely has potential.

  • Hot Twink

    A pickup version of the Telluride would only compete with the Ridgeline. It would be a “lifestyle” crossover pickup.

    Trucks like the Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado, and so on are more heavy-duty and thus more capable.

    • Holmer_k

      Agreed. It certainly wouldn’t be the small pickup many of us want

      • PhilMcGraw

        I’m pretty sure the majority of pickup owners don’t use their trucks for what they were meant to be used for. Hence why luxury trucks sell more than your average run of the mill regular pickup with no bells or whistles.

        The difference that the Telluride would have over the Ridgeline is that it would at least look rugged and outdoorsy which would sell. The Ridgeline looks like a minivan which hurts it’s appeal among buyers.

        Also, you have heard of market saturation right? There’s already major players that are vying for top spot in the regular pickup market. Why compete for a small slice of the pie when you can have a whole other pie to yourself?

        • Holmer_k

          When small trucks were offered, they sold in huge numbers. The Tacoma is twice the size it started out. It’s bigger than full size pick ups from the period were now. Homeowners like me don’t need a truck that large. Many conpanies would be just as happy with a smaller truck like used to be offered. We don’t need 7k load capacities. We just need to cart away yard refuse, bring home things that won’t fit in our our cars or suv’s. Deliver plumbing supplies, auto parts, etc.. And do it all as economically as possible.

  • TheBelltower

    Looks good. Through domestic buyers couldn’t get behind the Avalanche, so I don’t know how this would sell any better.

  • Bash

    Maybe this is exactly what Kia needs right now. but again won’t take any sales from Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger, but definitely has potential.

    • Ben

      Think it will surpass the Ridgeline in sales?

  • ji

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  • Rob

    I am patiently waiting to look at a Telluride SX, and if this was an option, that would be an even choice. DO IT KIA!

  • Thunderbolt

    uni body truck doesn’t sell well. We already have the Honda Ridgeline for example.

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