BMW Exec Says Diesel Engines Will Endure At Least Another 20 Years

While BMW is looking to be among the world leaders in electrification, the Bavarian brand will continue to invest heavily in internal combustion engines for many years to come.

In fact, the company’s Chief Technical Officer, Klaus Froelich, said that diesels will endure for at least 20 more years, while gasoline engines for at least another 30 years. If true, people can probably stop freaking out about diesel resale value, or ICE resale value in general.

“A best assumption of 30 percent of electrified sales by 2025 means that at least 80% of our vehicles will have an internal combustion engine,” he said during this week’s NextGen event in Munich. “We see areas without a recharging infrastructure such as Russia, the Middle East and the western, internal part of China so they will rely on gasoline engines for another 10 to 15 years.”

He went on to say that the coastal part of China and big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai will be battery-electric only in roughly 10 years, whereas Europe should prove more receptive to plug-in hybrid models. Meanwhile, in the U.S., battery-electric vehicles will sell mostly on the West Coast and in certain areas out East, but they will not become mainstream.

“The shift to electrification is over-hyped. Battery-electric vehicles cost more in terms of raw materials for batteries. This will continue and could eventually worsen as demand for these raw materials increases.”

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Still, even if internal combustion engines won’t go extinct any time soon, their “portfolio” will shrink drastically.

In terms of diesels, BMW will ditch the 1.5-liter three-cylinder unit because it is too expensive to get it to comply with Europe’s tough emissions standards, reports Autonews Europe. Also, the potent six-cylinder diesel (the one with four turbochargers) offered in the 750d luxury sedan won’t get a replacement either because it’s too expensive and too complicated to build, said Froelich.

The units that will endure will be four and six-cylinder diesels, but they will have three turbos at most.

As for gasoline engines, it would appear that the V12 will go the way of the dinosaurs.

“Each year, we have to invest to update the V12 to new emissions regulations, particularly in China. And when the V12 accounts for about 5,000 sales a year globally, this includes Rolls-Royce, the cost of these updates is several thousand euros per unit.”

Instead, BMW is currently trying to figure out how to keep building its V8 gasoline engine, if only to use it as part of a hybrid system moving forward.

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  • Six_Tymes

    That is very surprising

    • Matteo Tommasi

      That is the most unsurprising thing i’ve heard. Electric isn’t ready, and it won’t be for a decade at least

      • HD

        Rubbish. It already makes financial sense to buy a Model 3. Open up an excel, or read what other people have counted. Even if you don’t like this specific model, in the next few years plenty will come out. The first solid state battery vehicles are also expected within the next 5 years. ICE has no chance against that.

        • mark testicle

          Makes 0 sense to buy one if you factor in the fail rate, the fact that Tesla is tanking as a company, and the fact that these vehicles cause more environmental harm just in raw material production than ICE, on top of that where are you getting all this new infrastructure from power stations to the corridors and distribution needed to deliver it as it’s demand grows exponentially above all past expectations? You haven’t thought about it at all, not even close, let alone the fact that they have for all intents and purposes no range at all, I mean, great for a city commuter at 30mph but for anyone else they’re completely redundant and useless, they’re also incredibly dangerous, in my city if you are driving one and someone crashes into you, you cannot be assisted by the ambulance or the fire department until the power company and hazmat team arrive, because of the OHS laws no one is allowed to approach the vehicle, so SCREW THAT.

  • HD

    Market says BMW CTO will not endure another 20 years.

  • JqC

    Again… WRONG! Once again…. mistaking, underestimating, not calculating for the exponential improvement in Battery technology. People WILL NOT BUY ICE vehicles if a BEV option exists for the same price or slightly higher, has more than 400 miles in range, and performs better than any ICE engine available. NOT TO MENTION the other amenities/ancillaries and new tech opportunities that the software in these EVs will create. They are not seeing the hyperchange. They’re only talking from what they know, or they have seen before. No manufacturer making ICE engines in 10 years will be a serious contender in the market. And all development of new ICE engines should cease TODAY. With immediate effect. It is very expensive to enter the battery market supply in and integration sphere. They’re already behind the market leader. They need to focus and stop squandering resources literally beating the dead horse of fossil fuel use in transport.

    • mark testicle

      Where you getting this exponential amount of rare Earth metals from dingus?

      • JqC

        LMAO. Sorry, just not used to being called a dingus by a testicle.

  • Bash

    True, in his dreams.

  • Mr. EP9

    Not if the EU has anything to say about it.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Will last as long as petrol engines. ( 2030 )

  • Alex

    Yet the vast majority of Australians lives in cities, moreso than most other countries, and their average daily commute is no different than elsewhere. Plus I see the Teslas around here already, probably more of them than in Germany.

    • mark testicle

      Obvious how disconnected you are from where 90% of the country’s GDP comes from, for a county that contributes less than negligible amounts of emissions (debatable if that’s even an issue like they say) it’s completely illogical to move toward ev, even then it’s fine for those who want to be trapped in urban environments but 90% of the actual industry in this country is not from urban environments. In any case there aren’t enough metals and resources to make that many ev cars, it’s all going to flop, big time. Cost of owning one will be exponentially higher sooner than later, and they’re produced using very environmentally detrimental methods. There is no green EV, not to mention there is no way to boost the grid to support the transition

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