Mercedes EQE Reportedly Coming In 2022, Priced Closer To Tesla Model S

Mercedes is planning to launch an assortment of electric vehicles and it appears one of them will be the EQE.

Designed to slot beneath the range-topping EQS, the EQE will reportedly be launched in 2022 and be priced more competitively with the Tesla Model S. That means buys can expect to spend approximately $75,000.

Little is known about the model, but Autocar reports the EQE will ride on the aluminum-intensive MEA platform. The car is rumored be shorter than the E-Class – which measures 193.8 inches (4923 mm) long – but offer interior space similar to the S-Class. That sounds like a bit of a stretch, but the MEA architecture has reportedly been designed to provide a flat interior floor and “class-leading interior space.”

As the name suggests, the car will draw heavily from the E-Class but feature unique styling. Nothing is official, but the publication suggests the model will be more aerodynamic than its counterpart and adopt a front fascia similar to the one used on the EQC.

Performance specifications are still hazy, but the model will reportedly have two electric motors that produce more than 402 hp (300 kW / 407 PS) and 564 lb-ft (765 Nm) of torque. The company is also said to be considering an entry-level rear-wheel drive variant which would eschew one of the electric motors.

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In terms of range, the EQE could travel approximately 373 miles (600 km) on a single charge. That’s slightly further than the Tesla Model S Long Range, but the company will reportedly introduce an updated Model S this September with a range of 400 miles (644 km).

The EQE is rumored to have an air suspension, four wheel steering and a Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system. There could also be a handful of features borrowed from the Experimental Safety Vehicle that was introduced last month. There’s no word on specifics, but the concept had an improved cross-traffic safety system and an active brake assist system which could detect pedestrians around corners.

Note: Mercedes EQA concept pictured

  • Chris

    No matter how hard the European Manufacturers try to compete with Tesla, Tesla just ups the ante for now. Tesla needs to start working on the 2nd generation Model S and X before they give the Germans more time to catch up.

    • Merc1

      That’s good because Tesla won’t be around once the Germans all come online with their better quality cars. After the drive unit Teslas are lacking to put it lightly.


      • PK

        true. the germans are not fooling around! mercedes benz eq, bmw i, audi e-tron and now porsche mission e! never underestimate the power of the german automakers!!!!

        • Mikko

          Exactly. The power of the German automakers. From the viewpoint of EVs it is scary. Very scary. German money works against a healthier planet.
          Now how much did they already pay for their crimes against humanity and nature? It was somewhere in the billions, yes? Were the crimes then serious? No? Or maybe?
          Next time: less lying and poisoning, please.

          • PK



      • OS

        Wrong. As much as it pains me to say…Tesla will definitely be around and most likely stronger than ever in the next decade. They innovated in this segment, are synonymous with apple in the car and tech world, and will always have that original leader factor that matters most. Elon is a genius and will make this company survive. Tesla has battery tech that is 3-4 years more advanced than anything the germans have developed or are developing(Audi and Porsche currently..mercedes isn’t even in the game this yr). Even when the EQE comes out with better build quality or whatever, it will most likely get a smaller EPA range of 250-300 miles. That is extremely disappointing and likely considered a failure bc range is all that matters… and its not even in production yet lol. Tesla is advancing at a rapid pace..and I can only imagine them releasing a much more advanced next gen model s with >400 mile range..and they are more liberal than any company when it comes to releasing autonomous tech(which the germans just beta test but won’t bc of fear of litigation). So yes..despite better build quality and luxury…Tesla will definitely be around when the germans release their disappointing future products(E tron gt, taycan, EQE, etc.

        • Exotics

          I don’t know why it paints you to say that. It simply the truth and it’s wonderful and exciting.

        • Merc1

          Nah they won’t. They can’t make any money and the ship is sinking fast. You don’t know what the future products from the Germans will be like.


        • exeptor

          I thought the same for the range, but then someone here pointed out that range is actually less important than the speed of charging and EV network density. While is US density might be a problem due to the huge discrepancy between populated areas and the rest of the country, in Europe I believe that it is not the case. Even now in countries like Norway, Netherlands and Denmark EV network (at least 3 big players – Tesla, Inotiy and Fortum) network is quite dense. With Tycan we will see if the 800 volts will be the big change in charging. If it is then it might be that turning point (at least in Europe). On the other hand the trade war between US and Chine will allow German brands to offer their products. Yes, I’ve wrote the news that Tesla already choose a place to build their China plant, but until I see the construction work I will not take it too seriously. About the autonomous drive, I do believe that after all the media noise following different cases of autopilot (possible) failure it is quite probable that the regulators (and maybe customers) will take it back a bit.

      • Chris

        Better quality? As an owner of a BMW that’s been in the shop 4 times in the last year I’d say the days of high quality German cars has sailed. Granted the quality control on Tesla’s need to improve, a few panel gaps and paint blemishes that he car has shouldn’t have be on the car to begin with. My Tesla hasn’t had 1 single issue in the 8 months I’ve had it thankfully.

    • Six_Tymes

      I was thinking this 2 years ago, when I saw renders that were fantastic for a second gen S. I cant recall the designers name, but they were amazing, both inside and out. That said, it doesn’t seem like Tesla is ready for gen re-designs, which is bad. However, maybe re-designs are already in place that we dont know of. Either way, Tesla better have their game face on, because here comes the onslaught of EV’s. All credit goes to Elon for waking up the car industry to change. (hopefully its for the better)

    • Exotics

      They are. Coming in September. But Model 3 is really better than the S now. Just the size difference is huge, being smaller

      • Harry_Wild

        And the refresh Model S will have pretty much identical interiors too! Ugh!


  • Exotics

    12 years late. But the more the better. Bring it on

    • Arthur Burnside

      12 years ago this car would have cost $250,000 , most of it for batteries – the tinye Tesla sports car battery pack cost $43,000 and was half the size of its current 100KWhr pack.. Tesla produced insignificant numbers of sports cars and Model S cars during the past 8 years. The first Model S I ever saw on the road in this well visited city was six years after Tesla started building its niche market , ridiculously expensive Mosel S EV. 280 million gas powered cars on the U.S. roads and after 12 years Tesla hasn’t come near to replacing 1 percent. Job well done, Tesla, you really made a big dent in our transportation system. and only required hundreds of millions in tax credits and ZEV credits to do that. A pathetic record fron the big mouthed jerk named Elon Musk.

      • stockinbug

        …Job well done, Tesla, you really made a big dent in our transportation system…

        Tesla is the leading EV maker by a mile, and has done far more than any other company to promote EV adoption. So I don’t know where your unrealistic expectations are coming from.

  • Harry_Wild

    With Tesla’s minimalist motif, those looking for luxurious ride will be force to go with the Germans luxury brand models!

  • Enter Ranting

    Mercedes is going to have to figure out how to include gigantic fake plastic grilles all over this thing.

  • Porkopolis

    Why do car companies still insist on purposely making EVs look awkward and/or borderline ugly? Are they trying to keep demand down until EVs have legitimate parity with ICE cars?

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