Mercedes Enters The Electric Era With All-New EQC Crossover

The electric vehicle wars are kicking into high gear as Mercedes has unveiled the highly anticipated EQC in Sweden.

Set to compete with the upcoming Audi e-tron, the EQC was previewed by the Generation EQ concept and it features a “large black-panel surface enclosing the headlamps and grille.” While it’s not as distinctive as the front fascia used on the concept, it has fiber optic lights which effectively connect the LED headlights.  This promises to give the model an unmistakable appearance at night.

Moving further back, the EQC has flowing bodywork and front fender vents with a high-gloss black finish. Other notable features include a dynamic roofline, high-gloss aluminum window surrounds and a charging port which is located just ahead of the taillight on the passenger side.

While most crossovers have roof rails, Mercedes says they were “deliberately” omitted from the EQC to improve aerodynamics. The wheels are also aerodynamically optimized and the lightweight alloy units are available in sizes ranging from 19- to 21-inches.

The rear of the EQC is a tad plain as only major styling features are a tailgate-mounted spoiler and slender taillights which are connected by a thin strip which emphasizes the vehicle’s width. Further below, there’s a black plastic bumper with chrome accents that appear to replicate exhaust tips.

Moving into the cabin, there’s an “avant-garde electro-look” which should be familiar to current Mercedes owners. Drivers sit behind a three-spoke steering wheel and find themselves facing two 10.25-inch displays.

While much of the cabin is familiar, there are a handful of unique touches which separate from the EQC from more mainstream models. One of the most noticeable design elements is the rosé-gold colors louvers in the air vents. Another unique feature is the metallic ribs which are reminiscent of those found on “high-quality music amplifiers.” The ribbed pattern wraps around the entire dashboard and continues onto the doors.

Elsewhere, designers installed an ambient lighting system and unique seats which feature indigo blue or beige centers with “Sunnyvale” upholstery that is constructed from recycled material. An assortment of different options will be available including wood trim and a Burmester audio system.

Speaking of options, Mercedes will offer three different styling packages. The AMG Line Exterior features a single bar grille, a sportier front bumper and a unique rear end with an integrated diffuser. Customers can also amplify the AMG look by ordering 20- or 21-inch AMG wheels.

The AMG Line Interior package brings sporty styling features into the cabin as it includes a flat-bottom steering wheel and brushed stainless steel pedals. The package also adds faux-leather / microfiber seats and AMG floor mats. Customers will also have the option of ordering real leather seats and faux carbon fiber trim.

Last but not least, there’s an Electric Art package which adds additional rosé-gold accents to the interior.

Electric vehicles are all about the powertrain and the EQC has electric motors that power each axle. They produce a combined output of 402 hp (300 kW / 407 PS) and 564 lb-ft (765 Nm) of torque. This enables the all-wheel drive crossover to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 5.1 seconds before hitting a limited top speed of 111 mph (180 km/h). More importantly, the EQC has an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which enables the model to travel more than 279 miles (450 km) in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

While the EQC has all-wheel drive, Mercedes says the crossover is primarily front-wheel drive. In an effort to improve efficiency, only the front electric motor is used during low and medium demand conditions.

When it comes to charging, the EQC is equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger that has a capacity of 7.4 kW. Owners looking for a faster charge can use the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox which is three times faster than a domestic power socket. Mercedes didn’t go into specifics, but said the battery can be charged from 10 – 80 percent in approximately 40 minutes.

Mercedes is currently gearing up to produce the EQC in Bremen, Germany and the Beijing Benz Automotive plant in China. There’s no word on pricing or launch details, but we’re likely hear more in the coming months.


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  • Matthew Daraei

    That design is simply underwhelming. Too much hype for this horrible design?


      I agree. The face is lacking in refinement and presence. I’m glad it’s here to continue what Tesla started (or GM with the EV1, minus its murder), but this needed to show up looking like the future. Instead it looks a little dated, and generic. By future, I don’t mean weird or like a Nissan Leaf, but just more premium. The interior and materials may make up for this boring face, but still, I wish it had arrived with a lot more WOW! As it, in white, it reminds me of a cow for some reason.

      • Matthew Daraei

        Spot on. Everything you’ve said are true. This car lacks refinement and a soul.

        • Merc1

          How in the world do you know that without having seen or bee in the car?


          • Matthew Daraei

            Overall I love new Mercedes Benz’ cars design, but this car has no soul in comparison with many of other Mercedes Benz’s lineup!

          • Merc1

            Describe what a soul is for a car? Do you know?


          • Matthew Daraei

            The soul, is sophistication, harmony and connection that a car makes with people. Just look at the Mercedes Benz SLS, that is a car which talks with you, and when you demand power from it, it’ll give it to you without hesitation. It has soul because the SLS’ design never gets old, it has a mighty AMG sound, and will be valued very high in the near future, as an instant classic.

            I also love, Mercedes Benz S-Class (also Coupe). Both of these cars have interesting design, they exude class, and they clearly show Mercedes Benz nobility.

            In contrast, this Mercedes EQ, looks like a Chinese knockoff of a Mercedes Benz SUV. I love GL Class as a Mercedes Benz SUV. Not this uninspiring and uninteresting Electric SUV.

      • Mr. EP9

        I disagree. I prefer EVs that don’t have futuristic designs. That’s played out.

        • donald seymour

          Really? Did you look at your profile picture?

          • flamin hot powah

            The difference is that the EP9 is a borderline racecar, most of that is function.

          • donald seymour

            Point taken.

          • Mr. EP9

            Why yes I did.

        • D3X

          Still no excuse. I don’t know what’s worst, a Green / Alternative energy vehicle that is far left field and looks almost alien-like (Prius, Insights, etc) or this example where they go so right-field conservative and that it looks like a minivan from 10 years ago.

          • S3XY

            That’s why I love the Model S design. Timeless. Sleek and Sexy. Doesn’t get old.

          • D3X

            Yep. like a Mazda 3 without the grille and updated headlamps and a gutted interior.

    • Belthronding

      damn so this is what we have been waiting for?
      i do hope that all technical stuff amd features are OK but design seems to be failed,especially front end looks fugly

    • Matthew Boyd

      I reluctantly agree :(. I wanted so much more from it. Never really a fan of MB, but have always respected their craft.

  • PK

    the first ever german ev in production! audi will follow suit and bmw? jeez they’re way behind the game! catch up bimmer!

    • mihsf

      Moron. Volkswagen was already making electric Golfs in 1976, and BMW has the i3.

      • Mr. EP9

        Who was that?

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    starting at 100k

    • dtd

      50K would be more realistic.

  • tt tt

    Front looks terrible. I would rank it last among the mid size suv competitors

  • StrangerGP

    that moustache is just hilarious

  • Bob

    How did that front end get to production?????

  • Mr. EP9

    Not a big fan of its design but it looks better than the E Tron for sure.

    • Matthew Boyd

      I respectfully disagree. Looks like more time was put into the e-tron design versus the EQC’s.

    • DanSemering

      You’re probably the only one! 🙂

  • Chris

    This reminds me of Motorola and Blackberry trying to compete with the new iPhone and failing. Mercedes and others are far behind the 8 ball vs Tesla.

    • Mr. EP9

      In terms of supercharger infrastructure, yes? In terms of profitability in build quality? Tesla is the one who is behind. They’re still struggling to mass produce the Model 3 without hiccups.

      • Matthew Boyd

        Good point. They’re also lacking in R&D $$$$. Takes time to have long money in the automotive game, their feeling the heat of spending but not making money in return…not a good place to be in when they’ll be going from zero competition since 2012, to having their majority market share being handed over to five different European brands in my estimation, two years time.

      • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

        When Henry Ford started selling the Model T in 1908, did he care about fuel infrastructure? Probably a little, but knew that it would grow as automobiles got more popular. Tesla have gone in far too many directions than is necessary when it comes to building their own infrastructure, which is why their build quality is poor and they lose money on every model they churn out.

    • Enter Ranting

      Yeah, not for long. Tesla’s build quality is tragic, and their styling…oof! Mercedes, BMW and Audi, not to mention Jaguar, are gonna eat Tesla’s lunch.

    • sidewaysspin

      Very far behind, those screens in the interior are puny in comparison!

      • Matt

        I don’t think screen size is a measure of superiority when it comes to cars.

        • sidewaysspin

          Step into the future, the whole interior will be a screen a few decades on…

          • Marty

            It will not be _a_ screen. But there will be screens. And there will be devices that are both buttons and screens at the same time.

            But I really really hope people will see how stupid it looks with this oversized iPhone 5 in front of the driver.

          • Matt

            True, big screens are the future. But they can’t disguise a bad car.

  • Christian

    It look like someone in same family had unprotected se x and got a child? Duno…

  • sidewaysspin

    Ho hum, opulent price average design, modern from the waist down only, and very limited range considering you have to halve the values to get real life numbers.

  • salamOOn

    that front end and glossy black console inside are NOT nice…. other than that its decent.
    dashboard layout is way better than in new GLE…. overall im still not thrilled about EVs….

  • roy

    I’m surprised that no one is bashing merc for copying Porsche rear. Had this been any Asian manufacturer things would have been different.
    Also I was never a fan of the concept and the production version is still ugly. But nice interior although doubt it’s quality ( considering the price)

    • salamOOn


      reveal timeline…. kia->porsche->merc

      • roy

        Sorry for that. Pathetic autocorrect

      • roy

        Ya. My point being they copied.

        • salamOOn

          yeah, i know….. i guess its a new trend in styling….

    • Mr. EP9

      I’ll get to that later. I was too preoccupied with that ugly front end.

  • Kagan

    Fix the front and it goes up one league the rest you have to live with!

  • Research Janitor

    Looks like something from a Chinese company.

  • Rot

    U G L Y !!!

    Jag I Pace lead the way

    • donald seymour

      True. Very true.

  • Jason Panamera

    I must say that I love this interior design, especially these airvents. But in my opinion this frame around grille should be gone but I also understand that they didn’t want to make too futuristic design and make something more common with current models.

  • donald seymour

    This is a smooth and rough looking turd. And just to think that Mercedes was on such a roll with their design language. But turd it is.

    • enthusia

      i wouldn’t say they were on a roll, they just nailed the S class and copied & pasted it to every sedan in their lineup with hardly any variance. Save for a few concepts i really don’t think Mercedes has been leading the pack when it comes to design. Keep in mind this is the same company that gave us the GLC coupe, the SL, and the HORRENDOUS Maybach SUV concept. IMO this isn’t even in the top 10 worst designs to come from mercedes.

      • donald seymour

        Point taken, because for the most part their SUVs are trash for the most part. Which would probably explain why this looks like a super Saiyan’s turd.

      • exeptor

        I think GLC coupe looks much better than GLE coupe.

        • enthusia

          well, that goes back to my point first point about mercedes’ russian doll approach to design, i honest to god could not distinguish the GLE from the GLC if my life depended on it. that being said, i see the difference in the interior, and yeah the GLC looks way better than the outdated interior found in the GLE.

  • MarkoS

    I actually prefer this to MB’s mainstream designs that look like a German version of the Japanese insect inspired designs. This is simple, practical and classy. I usually do not like it when the headlight bleed into the grille, but this is done nicely without looking like tear ducts. I have yet to see pricing, but this should tromp the Model X.

  • kachuks

    The 2011 Ford Edge called, it want’s it’s front end back.

    • Christian

      no it didn’t… A car can’t make a phone call, you idiot!

      • Matthew Boyd


      • Dennis Scipio

        No comment.

        • PK

          cause you can’t think of a comeback? lol

  • Matthew Boyd

    Boy did they mess the face up. The rest is (imo)…well, just ok. Love the interior, simple, somewhat elegant. Man, seeing the shape under the camo had me thinking this was going to be an all around beauty queen, but it’s definitely going to have to settle for second place. Obviously cars look different in the flesh and on the road when their moving more than anything else. I can just say I’m satisfied with a new entry into the lonley market of luxury electric SUV’s.

    I’m Audi bias, but objectively, though not revealed yet, the e-tron Quattro may lead the class in the design category, and be the only vehicle that looks like a conventional SUV. Jag’s I-Pace has a funky nose, still an excellent design, the Model X leaves a lot to the imagination, and this EQC, need I say, looks familiar, but not in a Mercedes kind of way.

  • botornot387

    This looks horrible. Front end looks minivan like, and almost like a crossbreed between a Ford Edge and Saab. Rear end ripped off a Porsche. WTF were they thinking.

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

      They clearly though that they churn out any old trash as the bleeding-heart liberal Tesla lovers has proven so far.

  • kachuks

    What the hell kind of pants is that chick wearing?

    • Matt

      Pants from the future

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

      They’re normal pants. Too much currywurst has given her bad flatulence and the air can’t escape fast enough.

  • Matthew Boyd

    You know the design isn’t there if we start thinking of what it looks similar to outside of the company, than within the company…I don’t know why Lincoln crossed my mind for the exterior, maybe even Ford. Outside of the Silver Arrow on the nose, the outside doesn’t correlate to the brand for me. That inside though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1

  • designer_dick

    It’s pretty clumsy looking, and sticks so closely to the proportions of their other SUVs (especially the GLC) that it has to be at least partly derived from an existing ICE-focused platform. If it was a platform specifically designed for an electric drivetrain, a la Jaguar’s i-Pace, they would have been able to be a bit more creative with the shape.

  • MIL1234

    no frunk and a huge central tunel
    practical !

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

      Is a frunk a make or break deal in the EV world? ?

      • MIL1234

        We’ll see

        • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

          Haha. I’m not a fan of the design, but at least it has conventional rear doors that are likely to stand the test of time! ?

  • ace_9

    Seems I’m the only one that likes it 🙂 I think it’s good that it does not look too futuristic even if the front is a little bit weird and the rear looks like a porsche. This is not a car for people strongly focused on design. It is one of the very few electric SUVs and it will find its customers. Yes, it is not as good looking as i-pace, but far better looking than bland model X.

  • lagunas3ca

    No panoramic roof ffs.

  • Marty

    Call me old fashioned, but I think blue led stripes and badly integrated touchscreens make an interior feel the opposite of premium.

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

      Has the interior of a dive bar.

    • Enter Ranting

      That, and acres of shiny black plastic. It looks like a cheap coffee maker.

  • Vottek Mäxle

    A face only a mother can love. But even motherly love seems to stop here.

  • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

    Lazy styling means the lemmings that were thinking about going for a Model X will lap it up!

  • lagunas3ca

    So when does the EQC Coupe come out?

  • Yilmaz Yasar

    Dear BMW designers look carefully this car maybe you will learn something about premium interior design

  • Gullet

    I think the EQC looks quite alright with the AMG grille, but maybe they should have decided wether to go futuristic or not. The standard grille looks weird combined with those headlights.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    i like it

    • enthusia

      agreed, i was beginning to think i was the only one.

  • erly5

    Reading the comments so far I’m definitely in the minority, but I actually like this, especially in the AMG Line trim.

  • Galaxium

    I really was expecting the worst but I think this looks great. A tad underwhelming but classy.

  • D3X
    • Six_Tymes

      that’s where iv seen this design before. i knew it looked familiar. and the rear looks like a Lincoln

  • Dave

    FUGLY!!!! Strewth!!! Front the worst. Rear, ok…

  • TheBelltower

    Looks very ordinary. Developing an EV is an opportunity to base the design on a powertrain that doesn’t require a motor up front. This looks like it was simply a regular vehicle converted to an EV. Which I suppose it was.

  • Yishay


    • no25

      you need glasses.

  • Nice SUV technology with horrible styling.

  • kDawg

    What a disappointment. Only good thing is the interior and MB UX. Still not as advanced as Tesla autopilot.

  • klowik

    It just looks like just another car on the street. This design looses the soul of Mercedes…

  • The I-Pace and even the Hyundai Nexo look better than this.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Ok EQC, I take back everything I said about you looking like a Ford/Lincoln/Honda Odyssey… You actually look like the GLC.

  • Nordschleife

    Its funny I didn’t necessarily love the concepts front end so I guess this doesn’t bother me. I get them trying to give the ideal of the concept front end and it’s really debatable if they’ve succeeded but Mercedes-Benz tried to give you somewhat was familiar but bespoke and for that I give them props.

  • BlackPegasus

    Looks like a Chinese knockoff of a Mercedes.

  • SteersUright

    Hyundai Ion and GLC have a baby. Interior is pretty epic though.

  • S3XY

    That’s their car? Lol

    The more EV’s the better, but that is certainly no “Tesla Killer”

    Next up: Audi with their so called “Tesla Killer”


    • Vassilis

      Yes it is. Because it’s a very good electric car from an established manufacturer.

  • getoffme

    It looks like an aborted Honda HRV. Lmao.

  • Finkployd

    Ermm I thought this was supposed to be « game changer » ? ?
    Also those pictures… overall the car looks good, house is gorgeous, but the model’s styling is a MESS; who did this?

  • Hamster

    Seriously Mercedes, after all this hype you comeup with 450km of range in NEDC, so it means in WLTP its gonna be around 350km which is too bad…. and the design is not appealing… yuckkkk…


    Something really bad is going on with MB design…

    Looks like R Class successor, just even more uglier…

  • exeptor

    For some reason I don’t hate it and can’t really understand why people complain about the design (front especially) when we had the concept and more or less this is the same, just more refined, car. Also in my eyes it is clearly a Mercedes car – it just has the genes. Yes, it is a bit futuristic in the front, but I don’t think this is something bad. In terms of overall shape it is not worse than Model 3 at all … probably a bit better looking.

  • DanSemering

    Have a feeling the E-tron is going to be better all around!

  • Matt

    The structure seems to be for crash-worthiness, maybe so if the car has an accident the motor won’t be damaged? Or maybe it’s because the structure of the car is still ICE-based.


    I like it …not sorry.
    Range fully charged?

  • ksegg

    Nothing about Mercedes-Benz today…….looks, feels, or drives like the Mercedes-Benz I knew and grew up around.


    • Vassilis

      I’m not quite sure that’s sad. They have kept their core values like quality, comfort and innovation while improving where they were lacking. Today’s Merc is much more appealing than it was 20 years ago for example.

  • Vassilis


  • Bash

    Looks cool for me. Would looks ever cooler on black imo, and that front bumper on the white one is extra nice.

  • eye.surgeon

    Whats with the enormous driveline hump taking up interior space, when there’s no driveline? Seems like a tremendous loss of opportunity for space. and are those fake tailpipes? LOL

  • MarketAndChurch

    I love it but I wish it was the size of the GLE.

  • Coffee Guy

    I want that vehicle now!!!

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