Mercedes-Benz Gives Us Another Look At The EQC Electric Crossover

Some carmakers are stepping away from interiors with physical buttons, but not Mercedes-Benz, and not when it comes to the new EQC (or EQ C).

As the latest teaser video reveals, the interior of the fully electric German SUV has retained some of the physical buttons on the dashboard, but most importantly adopts a new dual-screen layout.

Baptized the MBUX, which stands for Mercedes-Benz User Experience, the system in the EQC appears to combine the infotainment and digital instrument cluster into a wide display, thus giving the vehicle a modern and cleaner look throughout the cabin.

The Mercedes MBUX already debuted in the new A-Class, where it’s offered in three different sizes, with two 7-inch screens, one 7-inch and one 10.25-inch screen, or two 10.25-inch displays. It has an Nvidia GPU, 8 GB of RAM, it’s Linux-based and replaces the old COMAND infotainment. It will eventually become Mercedes-Benz’s signature on all models

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The rest of the EQC’s cabin gets piano trim, ambient lighting, conventional air vents, electrically adjustable front seats with memory function and other gear.

With the Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X and Audi E-Tron in its sight, the Mercedes-Benz EQC uses an electric powertrain that has yet to be detailed. It’s expected to be powered by a high-capacity battery pack that should allow it to travel for up to 500 km (310 mi) in between charges.

Mercedes-Benz will unveil the EQ C next Tuesday, on September 4, in Stockholm, Sweden, and the first deliveries will probably commence before the end of the year or in early 2019.

*Update: Mercedes-Benz dropped another teaser video of the EQC providing us with a few more details of the interior and exterior 



  • Matthew Boyd

    Not bad MB.

  • Jason Panamera

    Same shit*y gloss black plastic like in GLC. No progress there.

  • Bash

    Of course it has the big long screen. Because why not frankly! I can’t wait to see the full thing.

    • Jason Panamera

      Few weeks ago there was a video on youtube where bigger part of the interior was show but now I can’t find it. EQC’s interior is just literally modern approach of GLC interior, or what it would look like if they made facelifting for current year. Just usual GLC interior with double screen and few new elements. Nothing special.

      • Bash

        Will instill love it, specially those air vents. I never liked the round ones.

    • Mike anonymous

      We’ve commented on each others comments before, we’ve seen each other across this site,. but is it weird (that for the first time) I read your comment here in the “Lego Batman” voice.

      • Bash

        😀 that made my day man!

  • PK

    Ok Mercedes Benz.

    You’ve got my attention!!!! <3

  • Jason Panamera

    I just hate gloss black plastic. It looks nice in luxurious cars where they use high quality materials but used in Hyundai, Benz are just scratchy ugly, cheap surfaces which just disgusts me in every car. I love C class interior but only if it doesn’t have that black plastic, if it does, I just hate it. Same with E class. Automakers just forced this trend, like phonemakers with Smartphones. And yes, those fingerprints just don’t make that modern Audis look like luxury car, but a public communication vehicle.

    • YJ Chua

      What black plastic in the C-class? Aside from the COMAND buttons below the climate control panel and the trackpad area, I don’t see black plastic anywhere.

      • Jason Panamera

        Gloss black plastic is base spec trim for central console like in E class, and it’s the most common. Belive me, it scratches easily and after 2 years of owning car with this trim it looks really bad.

        • Christian Wimmer

          It scratches easily… HUH?

          I have a BMW from 2007 with black plastic everywhere and it’s still in great shape and unscratched. How do you treat your cars!?

          • Jason Panamera

            Better than my girlfriend. It looks like unboxed.

      • salamOOn

        it all depends on the specific market…. for example, in NZ market was piano black trim the only option for your C class console until this year’s facelift. (except carbon fiber for AMG models).

        • YJ Chua

          Well damn, that sucks. I was always under the impression that one could go through the options list and change it out with something else.

          Here in Australia, my GLC43 came with carbon fibre trim as stock, but I got it changed to open pore black ash wood trim at no cost.

    • Mike anonymous

      To be honest, I would MUCH rather have the glossy black plastic, opposed to the hard (hurts your ears when you scratch it) “matte” plastic found across many other vehicles.

      I believe it’s a premium look that is meant to mimic the look and ascetic of the infamous; gloss black “Grand Piano”. In some vehicles they actually do use the wood and have it painted gloss black (the same processed used in on the grand piano).

      Automakers can usually pull this off by (either using real wood with the gloss black treatment applied, or) simply making the plastic pieces/components thicker. More so than not, automakers use thin pieces which make the plastic feel flimsy and cheap.

      So for me (when it comes to materials), it’s not so much what is used,. but How it is used.

  • Christian Wimmer
    • Ermal Morina

      Congrats man,it looks sexy.
      Is that white or a grey-ish colour?

      • Christian Wimmer

        Thanks. It’s POLAR WHITE. 🙂

  • no25


  • Kagan

    Get rid of the ligth strips in front and back, that is not premium!

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