Toyota And Subaru Strike Deal To Develop EV Platform For Cars And SUVs

Collaborations are hip this season, especially when it comes to electric vehicle projects.

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the cooperation between BMW and Jaguar Land Rover on electric drive units, Toyota and Subaru have confirmed they would co-develop an EV platform.

The architecture will be dedicated to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for midsize and large passenger vehicles. The platform will also serve as a base for a C-segment BEV SUV model that will be sold under each company’s brand.

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The carmakers will bring their strengths into the partnership such as Toyota’s electrification technologies and Subaru’s all-wheel-drive expertise, respectively. By combining their forces, the two companies “intend to take up the challenge of creating attractive products with appeal that only BEVs can offer.”

The BEV-dedicated platform that will be co-developed by Toyota and Subaru

The platform will underpin multiple vehicle types including C-segment and D-segment sedans and SUVs. Following the agreement, Subaru said it will now shift its existing BEV development resources to the new joint project. No further details about the common EV platform and the co-developed compact electric SUV are available for the moment.

At the moment, only Toyota has an electric vehicle in its lineup, the recently-unveiled C-HR EV (pictured). Also available as a rebadged Izoa EV, the electric crossover is a China-exclusive model, at least for the time being. However, Toyota has announced its intention to launch an electric vehicle in Europe in 2021 and chances are that model will be based on the C-HR as well.

As for Subaru, it lags way behind Toyota when it comes to electrification. The company has only one plug-in hybrid model in its lineup, the Crosstrek PHEV which uses Toyota know-how.

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  • Six_Tymes

    yeesh…that c-hr is nasty looking

  • Toronado_II

    Seems a bit late for a manufacturer suppose to be at the forefront… still no EV in their line-up.

  • Interesting how Toyota was the first to realize the potential in eco cars, and then 2 decades of total let down. Unless they will have the best solid state batteries, they will have a hard time to compete with the others.

  • Super Rob

    Toyota knows how to do electric. Since they aren’t profitable why not sit on the sidelines until they are. Others are using up their $7500 per car credit while Toyota waits until the time is right.

  • Tan Lee

    Just to answer the peeps who said Toyota are late to the game. Toyota & Tesla jointly developed the RAV4 EV in 1997. They were leased for about 6yrs but the project got abandoned so that toyota could focus more on Hybrid tech. They are only developing EV platforms due to peer pressure that’s why they will only invest 50% and have Subaru invest the other.

    This just reminds me of when all the people in the auto industry criticised Toyota for not investing in Diesel tech and pushed the Hybrid tech instead. Those people are not laughing now. I wouldn’t write them off as there are some knowledgeable people within Toyota and they are now repeating history by pushing Fuel Cell tech instead of EV. Only time will tell whether they took the right gamble or not.

    • Andrew Ngo

      The energy loss for Fuel Cell conversion is too high and the refilling infrastructure growth is almost non-existing. With the introduction of Solid State battery, Fuel Cell tech will be even further from being commercialized. As Toyota is still betting its future on Fuel Cell, they are halfheartedly to push on EV. Therefore, they are extremely late in the EV revolution especially they don’t even have a serious plan on rolling out EV cars.

      • Tan Lee

        Toyota & Panasonic started work on developing Solid State batteries since 2017, the agreement was signed this year to produce batteries to provide all their cars under the Toyota umbrella.

        On a personal note one of my friends had a BMW i3 lease car and he returned it back and now he drive a BMW 218i. He states that the infrastructure is not ready for full electric cars and is a pain to own.

        In my opinion EV cars are FAKE Green cars like how we recently found out diesel cars are FAKE green cars.

        EV requires electricity to charge the batteries.

        Electricity comes direct from the power grid.

        Power grid gets its power from the Power station.

        Power stations burns Coals, oils gas to produce steam to run the turbines that create electricity creating more pollution in the environment and excessive heat contributing to global warming.

        Unless you somehow live in Norway where their electricity is from a Hydroelectric power plant, our electricity is not green which means EV cars are not green unless you live in paces like Norway.

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