2020 Honda N-WGN Is Japan’s Latest Kei Car

Almost six years after the first N-WGN entered production, Honda unveiled its second generation.

The kei car aimed exclusively at the Japanese market will launch on August 9 in two grades, named N-WGN and N-WGN Custom. Pricing will kick off from 1,274,400 and 1,512,000 yen ($11,783-$13,780), respectively, and the company expects to sell 7,000 units every month.

Using the same platform of the latest N-Box, the new N-WGN has been redesigned inside and out, adopting a cleaner look while retaining the spaciousness of the cabin. Brown is the base color inside in the entry-level version, whereas the Custom gets a black look combined with titanium-looking garnishes. Both models have clever storage solutions, height adjustable driver’s seat and tilt and telescopic steering wheel.

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The 2020 N-WGN is available in a wide selection of colors, including two-tone look that combines Peach Blossom Pearl, Premium Agate Brown Pearl, Garden Green Metallic and Horizon Sea Blue Pearl with White in the entry-level grade. The Custom gets Platinum White Pearl and Milan Red with Black, and Midnight Blue Beam Metallic and Premium Velvet Purple with Silver.

One novelty for a car in this segment is the array of driver assist features it offers. One of them is the Collision Mitigation Braking System, part of the Honda Sensing suite, which also includes Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System, Lead Car Departure Notification, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Keeping Assist, False Backward Start Prevention, False Start Prevention, Traffic Sign Recognition, adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow and automatic high beams.

Powering the new N-WGN is a 660 cc DOHC engine hooked up to a CVT.


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  • 2PacOfCarscoop

    The N-word… Nice move Honda… No its not..

  • Lovely.

  • Matt

    And because of the strict dimensional restrictions of the Kei car segment, it looks just like all the other dozen models… save for a different fascia.

    • Bash

      True, there is not much space to work around. They all end up same shape with different faces and different dashes. But I like them tbh.

    • Joe

      I guess you have a point in terms of size and basic proportional/design principles, but I disagree that they all look the same. In that same vein, most crossovers and SUVs must also look the same to you.
      Granted, the taller van-based models (Every, Atrai, etc.) and the tall sliding-door models (Tanto, Spacia, N-Box, etc.) all do look quite similar, but outside of the ones trying to maximise the regulations in all dimensions, there’s a lot more variety. I’m sure you can tell this apart from a Suzuki Wagon R, a Honda N-One, a Daihatsu Mira Tocot, a Honda S660, a Suzuki Hustler, a Suzuki Jimny, a Daihatsu Cast, etc.
      I also appreciate with this N-Wgn that its styling motifs are lifted from the 1970s Honda Life Step Van, gives it a little bit of personality that was lacking in the 1st gen one.

  • Six_Tymes

    I am impressed. way to go Honda, this looks fantastic.

  • caruser

    Not beautiful, but I like it!


    Isnt it deserved a normal name? Not a dumb code?

    • Bash

      It’s another New-Wagon, here u go.

    • Joe

      It fits with Honda’s kei car naming scheme, which is N (from the 1960s N360) followed by a 3 letter name, and if needed a punctuation definer: see N-One, N-Box, N-Box+, N-Box/ (N-Box Slash), and N-Van.
      The Wgn shortform of wagon ties it to the larger Honda Stepwgn.

  • Crash Bandicoot

    It looks very depressed/concerned

  • TheBelltower

    The car is very cool from the rear and front angles. Honda could have done a better job designing the doors. They are as inelegant as an industrial refrigerator.

  • JRP

    I like the front, the sides are boring, and the rear looks like it’s from 2008.

  • Leigh-Ann

    I can almost see it becoming a cult classic, like the VW Bug.

  • Paul

    But… it’s so cute and all.


  • I think that is really nice.

  • Ilbirs

    From all the N kei cars, this is the least attractive due to not take advantage from the platform that has the fuel tank under the front seats like what is seen on a Fit or HR-V. The rear seat doesn’t fold flat and low like the N-Box or the N-One and even the sliding rear seat, the sole advantage that the N-WGN had, was added to the current-gen N-Box, that can have both all the Magic Seat utilities the rest of the world learned to love on Fit and HR-V but also the sliding feature and a very low cargo platform with the seats folded by default.

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