2020 Toyota GR Supra Goes On Sale As Some Dealers Are Already Asking More Than $80,000

Toyota fans can rejoice as the 2020 GR Supra has gone on sale in the United States.

Available nationwide starting today, the first 1,500 models are Launch Editions which are based on the well equipped Supra 3.0 Premium. Pricing starts at $55,250 excluding a delivery, processing and handling fee of $930.

Markups abound

While there have already been reports about significant dealer markups – including two we found asking $79,024 and $86,361 – it appears most are holding the line on pricing. Of course, your luck may vary.

2020 Toyota GR Supra-257

Regardless, the Launch Edition comes nicely equipped with heated leather seats, carbon fiber trim and an 8.8-inch infotainment system with GPS navigation and wireless Apple CarPlay support. The model also has a wireless smartphone charger, a head-up display and a 12-speaker JBL premium audio system.

Special touches include red mirror caps and 19-inch alloy wheels with a matte black finish. There’s also an individually numbered carbon fiber badge on the dashboard and a graphic showing Akio Toyoda’s signature.

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Following the Launch Edition, Toyota will offer the entry-level Supra 3.0 which starts at $49,990. Customers can also opt for the 3.0 Premium which begins at $53,990 and includes much of the same equipment as the Launch Edition.

BMW straight-six power

Regardless of which model is selected, all Supras are powered by a BMW-sourced turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six that produces 335 hp (250 kW / 340 PS) and 365 lb-ft (494 Nm) of torque. It is paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission which sends power to the rear wheels via an active locking differential. This enables the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in approximately 4.1 seconds, before hitting an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h).

We were pretty smitten when we drove the Supra earlier this year, but its launch comes at an interesting time as recently revealed 2020 Chevrolet Corvette features a mid-engine design and a 6.2-liter V8 engine that produces up to 495 hp (369 kW / 502 PS) and 470 lb-ft (637 Nm) of torque. While it’s not a direct competitor, the Corvette will start at less than $60,000 which could make some potential Supra customers think twice.

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  • performante

    Yeah, I’d get a C8 w/ Z51 pkg. for that.

    • MayTheBestCarWin05

      you literally stole the words out of my mouth.

    • Mr. EP9

      Same here. Alternatively, I’d get a 718 Cayman S and it would still be cheaper than what some are asking for the GR Supra. Talk about a ripoff.

  • MayTheBestCarWin05

    With the C8 now in the conversation….can someone tell me an objective reason why someone would chose the Zupra (yes, that Z was intentional) over the C8?

    Subjective reasons (which are still valid for the buyer) i can see are 1/nameplate nostalgia 2/design….

    • ErnieB

      There are Z-ilch reasons why someone would in their right mind buy this failure of s car over the C8.

    • PhilMcGraw

      I’ll bite. While I think it’s easy to point to the Supra and say “why even buy that when you could get the C8?” I think there is the argument that the Supra is more so of a Porsche 918 Cayman competitor than a C8 competitor. The C8 actually more so competes with the likes of a Porsche 911 or Acura NSX than it does with the Supra. And that’s what makes the C8 so amazing is that it punches well above it’s price.

      It does compete on price with the Supra, but if you look at the other specs like the length of the vehicle (10 inches shorter than a C8 but within .1 inch of a Cayman), the 0-60 (in the 4 second range like the Cayman), the pricing ($50k vs $58k), etc, you’d find the Supra is more of a Cayman competitor.

      I think it just all comes down to what class you view the Supra as competing in. Even CarandDriver recently was comparing the Z4 to the Porsche Boxster. Well if the Supra is just a rebranded Z4 then it would make sense to me that the Supra competes with the Cayman and not the larger C8. Unless you feel the Cayman also competes with the C8 in which case they both lose.

      • MayTheBestCarWin05

        I hear you about what the C8 actually competes with. My question was one based strictly on price.

        Fact of the matter Toyota decided to offer a front engine, RWD sports car w/ a 3.0 V6 w/ 335hp (like most BMW engines, power rating was underrated) for $50 – $60k

        While GM decided to offer a mid engine, RWD car w/ a 6.2 NA-V8 w/ 495hp for $59 – $69k

        In a vacuum the Supra is no doubt a great car. But a buyer looking for the sportiest vehicle they can get for their money….the Supra loses its shine @ $60k

    • getoffme

      So your point is that anything below the base price of the C8 does not need to be in ones’ option?

      • MayTheBestCarWin05

        Don’t be reductive. Of course that’s not my point.

        My point is…if there are two sports cars with prices within a stone’s throw of each other, and one is objectively superior from a pure performance standpoint (the C8)…what would drive a buyer to chose the inferior (but still really good, Supra) sports car?

  • ErnieB

    This is what happens when you try and take short cuts.. this is a passionless POS that was only created to appease their fan base. Instead they are now left with a paper weight. The C8 is what the Supra should have been. A passionate attempt at building a world class sports car at a reasonable price. The C8 just put the nails in the coffin for the Supra. Who in their right mind would even think of the Supra now?!?! The Supra will be a historic car for all of the wrong reasons. It will go down in history as an Epic marketing, production and PR failure— very sad!

    • BlackPegasus

      LMAO yes! My body was so ready for this rant 😆

  • Six_Tymes

    Well, ugly and ugliness is popular… so not surprised.

  • getoffme

    Oh look the usual keyboard racers are in here.

  • Thunderbolt

    Dumbass dealers must have not known about the new C8

  • docprego

    7/18/19: The day that an American supercar was born and a “Japanese” (or is it German?) sports car died.

    • getoffme

      By your logic, all performance cars below $60K died. The Supra does not even compete with the C8. Ah no.

      • docprego

        Ah no. These vehicles are launching within 6 months of each other. One debuts at about 50 grand base, it’s a rebadged BMW for all practical purposes. The other launches sub 60 grand base and is a bonafide supercar. Both being 2 door sports cars (not many options at this price) within 10K of each other in this price bracket, how exactly are these not competing? They’re certainly competing for my money as we speak and the Japanese/German is losing the competition in every possible way.

        If you don’t think C8 buyers have given the Supra a look previously, and now Supra buyers being able to actually see the C8 giving it a look, then you are not being realistic.

        • getoffme

          Again, by your logic all performance cars below or near $60K should be ignored since the C8 exist. And you talk about being realistic? Hahaha

  • Richard Alexander

    Let them ask. Let dumbasses overpay. It’s not like we are talking about housing, where dumbasses overpay and cause real trouble for people.

  • StrangerGP

    Some of you folks act like people buy sports cars only based on performance-price ratio. If that was the case American sports cars would be dominating all over the world, but that’s obviously not how it works.

    (I still think that paying 80k for a Supra is insane)

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