Base Porsche Taycan To Have 80 kWh Battery And 322 HP

The Porsche Taycan is edging towards its global premiere at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show and a number of new details about the car have been published following demo rides provided to journalists at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Car Magazine had the opportunity to speed up the Goodwood hillclimb in the Taycan and have revealed that in addition to the 600 hp model we already know about, the electric sedan will be sold in a number of different configurations.

Sitting at the base of the Taycan family will be a model equipped with an 80 kWh battery pack and offered with either 322 hp or 376 hp electric motors driving the rear wheels. One step up in the range will land customers behind the wheel of the Taycan Carrera 4S, set to be equipped with a larger 96 kWh battery pack and available in 429 hp or 483 hp guises with all-wheel drive. The range-topping model will be badged the Taycan Turbo and include a pair of electric motors with more than 600 hp and 649 lb-ft (879 Nm) of torque and up to 738 lb-ft (1000 Nm) for 10-second periods of overboost.

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Prices for the entry-level models will start in the low $90,000 range while the 429 hp and 483 hp models will be priced just below the $100,000 mark. Prices for the range-topping Taycan Turbo should start at around $149,000.

The Taycan Turbo will have up to 320 miles (515 km) of range and incorporate a two-speed transmission. It should reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.2 seconds and 124 mph (200 km/h) in less than 10 seconds. While that is slower than the Tesla Model S P100D, Porsche says drivers will be able to perform ten full-throttle 0-62 mph runs without experiencing any decrease in performance. Top speed for this model will sit at 162 mph (260 km/h).

At a later date, the Porsche Taycan may be offered in Turbo S guise with 724 hp while a lighter, rear-wheel drive Taycan GTS model is also thought to be in the works.

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  • HD

    What’s the range of the base model? I know it’s not a direct competitor for the current Tesla cars, but when the Model S has better range, it’s cheaper and it’s quicker then it’s all becoming a bit embarrassing…

    • StrangerGP

      It’s the same with Audi’s E-Tron. The range is poor compared to something like Tesla, because it’s supposed to go for “performance”.

      • mist

        Etron has longer range than SR model X and costs less.

        • Max

          …what? E-Tron only travels 204mi EPA. Base Model X until its recent 86-ing went 255mi per charge.

          • mist

            Etron travels 417 km WLTP, model X SR only 375 km… for 5000 Euro more.

    • TED Schmitt

      Better range, cheaper, and quicker, but some of us would still rather buy the Porsche.

      • HD

        Yes… but it is still embarrassing. A Porsche should be quicker than a sedan car from a startup company. This just shows how people underestimate Tesla and their work on electric mobility.

        • Ronan

          But is the Model S really quicker than the Taycan though?
          Telsa quotes 3.0sec 0-60mph without engaging “ludicrous mode”. That equates to 3.2sec for 0-100km/h – exactly what Porsche (who are notoriously conservative with their performance claims) are quoting. “Ludicrous mode” is a party trick requiring specific menu selection and battery pre-conditioning. It can’t be used repeatedly and selecting it invokes a warning regarding motor and battery wear.
          More relevant in day-to-day driving scenarios is accelerative endurance, handling & braking.
          I suspect that in any comparison other than a one-off drag race, the Taycan might be the car to beat. In a couple of months we’ll find out I guess.

          • HD

            Does it matter? In real world condition the Tesla will at least keep up with it. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a beautiful machine and a piece of art. I’m just pointing out how far Tesla came tech-wise.

          • TheNovanglus

            All tru, but the regular LR AWD model with 370mi will be $13k (minimum, before Porsche’s option list) less than what will be around a 240-250mi range base model RWD Taycan, that probably won’t be able to keep up with a LR AWD Model 3, much less the S.

            The Porsche will no doubt be awesome, it will just cost you a boat load more for it.

  • SteersUright

    Exciting for Porsche. Kinda scary for Tesla.

  • carmatt

    “and 124 mph (200 km/h) in less than 10 seconds” – I think its less than 12 seconds

  • Vassilis

    Calling the top model Turbo is extremely stupid

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