Ford Brazil Improves Troller T4’s Off-Road Abilities With “Trail” Version

While U.S. customers are eagerly waiting for the new Bronco off-roader, Ford has been offering such a model for quite some time in Brazil.

It’s called the Troller T4 and it has just received a new “Trail” version. Troller is a separate brand in Brazil, but the underpinnings of the T4 SUV have Ford written all over them as, since the 2014 redesign, the T4 switched to a shortened version of Ford’s T6 platform used in the global Ranger pickup truck.

Now, the Troller T4’s newly-launched Trail version aims to increase the rugged SUV’s appeal by adding unique accessories that enhance its ability to tackle severe off-road terrain.

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For starters, the T4 Trail adopts off-road bumpers that improve the approach and departure angles, as well as a snorkel that allows the SUV to go through deeper water with more peace of mind, while the front bumper comes with tow hooks and preparation for the installation of a winch.

The wheel arch cladding, side skirts, front fender panels, roof spoiler, and tailgate are painted in the same matte grey color as the bumpers. Customers can choose between nine exterior colors to go with the matte grey treatment: Diamond White, Arizona Red, Dakar Yellow, Mendoza Black, Frost Silver, Maresias Blue, Moscow Grey, and Red Tuscany.

The Troller T4 Trail is the first product to come out of the brand’s newly-founded ModCenter modification center at the Horizonte, Ceará plant. Priced from R$144,990 (approximately $38,000), the T4 Trail features the same underpinnings as regular models. Power comes from Ford’s Duratorq 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbodiesel that delivers 200 PS (197 hp) to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and a 4×4 system with electronic low range.

The rugged off-roader features a rust-free composite body mounted atop a ladder frame chassis that ensure durability during all-terrain use. Unlike the Ford Ranger, though, the T4 gets a Dana rigid front axle. As a result, it offers impressive 51-degree approach and departure angles, a 30-degree breakover angle, and is capable of climbing 45-degree ramps.

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  • that’s a fun car, didn’t know it existed… Why is it only in Brazil????

    • Vitor Meireles

      Troller is a Brazilian brand bought by Ford in 2007. The T4 came in 2001 and has always used parts from other cars, including Ford and Volkswagen. It’s a very limited production that here in Brazil is restricted to producing cars for those who really like to take a ride in the mud. It’s not a car for everyday use.

  • Bo Hanan

    This seems like a no brainer.

    • Ken Lyns

      Same reason you don’t see the Suzuki Jimny, FJ Cruiser, Isuzu Amigo, Chevy Tahoe 2-dr, Dodge Raider, Nissan Xterra…

    • yomama

      Something about US safety regulations, different powertrains used in the US market.
      It’d also probably cost as much as an F150 if it sold here.

  • Bo Hanan

    I appreciate your comment but it was built on the Ranger platform and could easily be federalized for the US market, with additional refinements. Ford USA has nothing in the segment and it wouldn’t compete with the Escape… completely.

  • Bash

    How come we didn’t know about this car before!!

    • Mike anonymous

      My thoughts Exactly! Why is this the first time I am hearing about this. This vehicle is cool (and I am sure it will be a future collectors item (worldwide) due to its’ rarity (at least to my current knowledge)).

    • yomama

      People have been talking about this vehicle for like 10 years since the ford bronco concept came out and people wanted Ford to rebadge this as the new bronco, which will never ever make it to the US.

      • Bash

        This does looks smaller than the wrangler. But i can’t tell by how much.

  • Ben

    Wrangler + Tonka

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      I genuinely thought it was a Lego version of something looking at the first pic.

  • Smith

    This should be the Bronco instead of that ugly piece of ‘what ever’ that they are planning. This is the real Bronco look and is really cool. Why did they not use this and just make it bigger. The Bronco will be a disastrous looking vehicle.

    • rodriguez256

      You don’t even know how the new Bronco looks. If you do please send me a link of where you saw it already.

    • yomama

      “Use this and just make it bigger” ?
      First of all, this vehicle isn’t even legal in the US, it also uses powertrains that Ford doesn’t use here.
      2nd, you can’t just get a vehicle like this and make it bigger….
      The new bronco is going to be awesome, and everyone is going to buy one, but you won’t because you won’t be able to afford it, but you’ll blame not getting one on it being “ugly”

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I did not know Ford had these in Brazil. And i do not know why they do not sell these elsewhere. This is the perfect mix of Wrangler, Bronco, LRover and Suzuki Gimny in a single package.

  • SteersUright

    But man this is ugly…thought it was a Lego jeep or something at first…

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