KW Tune For 2020 Toyota Supra Sharpens Handling, Looks

The all-new Toyota Supra is a magnet for aftermarket companies and Germany’s KW Automotive makes no exception.

The suspension manufacturer has released details about the first fully adjustable coilover suspension kit for the latest Supra A90, the KW Variant 3. The aftermarket suspension is said to improve the Japanese sports car’s lateral dynamics without sacrificing ride quality in normal driving conditions on public roads.

Despite lowering the ride height by up to 40 mm (1.57 inches), the suspension absorbs road irregularities “harmoniously” and prevents bumpy driving behavior as the bodywork’s pitch and roll movements are noticeably reduced.

The multi-valve dampers offer separate adjustment of compression (16 clicks) and rebound (12 clicks) settings therefore offering a multitude of setups according to the driver’s preferences. KW says this motorsport-derived technology allows for a “driving behavior as tight as necessary and as comfortable as possible.”

As a matter of fact, the Toyota Supra that raced at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring earlier this year also used a KW suspension with separately adjustable compression and rebound dampers.

“Despite the low center of gravity of the GR Supra, our KW Variant 3 Coilover allows a stepless lowering of 15-35 millimeters (0.59-1.38 inches) on the front axle and 20-40 millimeters (0.78-1.57 inches) on the drive axle,” says KW product manager Johannes Wacker.

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Looking at the photos, it’s pretty obvious that the KW adjustable coilover suspension kit also improves the 2020 Supra’s looks. Thanks to the lower ride height, the sports car appears more planted and menacing. The prices for theKW Variant 3 Coilover kit haven’t been released yet.

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  • Porkopolis

    Can’t wait to see what AC Schnitzer does with this car!

    • Mr. EP9

      Would they work on it? They focus primarily on BMWs, although when you think about it, this is pretty damn German.

      • Matt

        I think that was the joke.

  • KidRed

    Nope, looks not sharpened. Still ugly.

  • Dennis James

    Not feeling it, but it’s not KW’s fault. The design was compromised from the beginning. Too childish.

  • Six_Tymes

    If I had a large piece of toffee, and let it sit in the sun on a warm summer day… no offence to KW, full blame sits on the shoulders of Toyota. The car carries a great name, and its very cool logo still looks amazing, sadly the car does not and never will, no matter who applies an after market “tune.”

  • alexxx

    Maybe it’s just me but imo this is best looking Supra …never liked the previous now famous Supra model…

    • Dark Rebel

      Many people are complaining about its new design. I applaud the Japanese and Koreans for having aggressive design languages. I guarantee you, people would complain even more if they came up with some conservative design like the Germans do. People have complained about Toyota designs being boring/conservative for years. So Lexus goes radical and Toyota changes the script. Just can’t win with people. I do think the old design was very solid as were most cars for that era. If this new design had a removable top it would be better because the old ones had that feature. Supra fans who want the removable top should get a C8 though!

      • alexxx

        You couldn’t have said it better…people always complain… I wonder sometimes is this car lovers or car haters site ☺️…
        Saying that for some designs you just need more time to get used to… For me,I prefer something new something different when new model comes up,I am not into predictable designs…

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    I’m sorry but to me this car is shaped like a vibrator.

  • Vinny

    When my white Supra finally arrives (on order), the first thing I’ll do is take out any necessary fake vents, then install new coilovers, then look into a nice aero kit. Oh, not to mention get a tune when it’s available for the b58.

    • Matt

      What will you replace the fake vents with? Or just leave the holes as they are?

      • Vinny

        The lead engineer said the vents are fully customizable, according to each owner’s preference and track use. They should be easily removable. And if Toyota or an aftermarket retailer sells some nice functional replacement vents, I will buy them. But yeah, those vents are fully and easily customizable.

        • Ben

          If you’re just going to leave them wide open you might be adding more drag and lift to the car. I think Matt was asking were you going to open them with anything purposeful behind them like more coolers anything like that.

  • Ben

    My number one priority would be finding an FT-1 body kit.

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