Hear Akrapovic Work Its Magic On 2020 Toyota Supra’s Soundtrack

You didn’t think Akrapovic would let the likes of Milltek Sport and HKS have all the fun with the 2020 Supra, did you?

Shortly after the brand-new Supra hit the market, tuning companies got their hands on the exciting Japanese sports car and started working their magic. Slovenian exhaust manufacturer Akrapovic is the latest to develop an exhaust for Toyota’s sports coupe, and it sounds absolutely intoxicating.

Previewed in the video below testing on both a dyno and sliding around a wet circuit, the exhaust adds some extra venom to the note of the Supra. The entire system is made from lightweight titanium, meaning that after periods of extended use, the tailpipes will morph into a violet-blue hue due to the heat of the exhaust. Akrapovic also offers an optional Sound Kit which will allow drivers to easily adjust the sound on the fly.

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the all-new Supra is a turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six pumping out a claimed 335 HP, although numerous independent tests have indicated tat the true figure is closer to 380 HP. The addition of a lightweight, free-flowing exhaust will inevitably add a few extra ponies and its sound shall ensure the Supra turns ever more heads.

Apart from Akrapovic and its exhause, this year’s SEMA Show is shaping up to be filled with modified Supras, meaning the car will likely prove just as popular across the aftermarket industry as its famed predecessor, the Mk4.


  • Six_Tymes

    The only thing cool about that car is its Supra Logo. Other than that, its not a good design, at all. If someone gave me the car, I would drive it for a week, and then sell it and buy something else.

    • ctk4949

      I like it, I think it looks unique. Where else you gonna find a small 2 seat sports car with this type of performance for $50K??

    • Arthur

      Yeah I think most would agree. If you did ask those people to name some tangibles on why they feel that way though, I would bet most would have a hard coming up with an answer. Just knowing it’s basically a Z4 with a Toyota skin is enough to detract most purists and I don’t blame them, I’m in the same boat. All driving impressions so far are mostly positive but that doesn’t make it a true successor to the MKIV.

      • ctk4949

        You know the MKIV was not known for having great handling?? It was just the engine and straight line performance.

  • xDRAN0x

    Nice soundtrack, they forgot the exhaust note though

  • Tabs Luther

    everything just feels like a fart in the wind after the C8 reveal. ESPECIALLY the supra.

    • Ben

      We know people are going to mod the Corvette for power and they will also mod the Supra. They’ll compete more than you think…until the Z06 comes out.

  • Ben

    I like the color, but I couldn’t really hear the exhaust over the music. Hate when people do that.

    • GobbleUp

      Agree. How lame can they be to cover up the whole point of the video.

  • Rayner Lim

    Surely if you want to spell it without non-English characters it should be Akrapovich?

  • Greg Gliszczynski

    This car is as crappy as all the other Toyota’s in their line up. Toyota do the world a favor and make bicycles instead, you at least wouldn’t have to source that out.

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