Nissan GT-R Product Chief Doesn’t Know What Its Successor Will Be Like

We’ve been waiting for news about the next-gen GT-R since, like, forever, but Nissan isn’t going to open its cards just yet; at least that’s what the model’s chief product specialist says.

Hiroshi Tamura is the man in charge of the R35 GT-R since the car was a mere concept, so if you’re looking for information about its successor, he’s basically your guy.

In a chat with Top Gear, Tamura-san was asked if the new 2020 GT-R Nismo is the last hurrah for the R35.

“Is it final? Hmmm,” Tamura-san says. “The traditional, conservative answer is ‘I cannot tell you’… but I don’t know what our next mission will be, our next assignment.”

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Sounds like Nissan has still to decide what the next GT-R will be then, which is a little disheartening. But the latest 2020 update also certified the R35 GT-R for the upcoming emissions regulations, meaning that there’s the automaker still has plenty of time to make up its mind. And since the waiting list for the current model has stretched to over 18 months, why hurry?

“The simple answer is ‘why not try for a model year 2022 or 2023 [GT-R]?’”, Tamura-san says. Then, he places his hand flat on his chest. “In my heart, we’re already kicking off options for the next step. We already have the feedback.”

The current Godzilla has been on the market since December, 2007. That’s 11 and half years, which is extraordinary for any car these days, never mind a performance coupe that’s facing stiff competition.

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  • Six_Tymes

    He is very smart, and knows what hes doing. The car industry is currently going through major changes, bigger than usual, and so to release a new generation now would be a bad move for many reasons. Nice to see he is still overseeing the project.

    • Vinny

      He’s waiting to see if they should go the electrification route or not.

  • Sovereignty

    Having seen how they treated their old CEO because he wanted to merge Renault and Nissan together, I’d never buy one of their cars. What a horribly corrupt corporation, just like many other Japanese businesses!

    • Rick Astley

      Just like many other world businesses (Piech vs Winterkorn or GM vs DeLorean).

      • Sovereignty

        I’m thinking Olympia’s history of fraud, Toshiba’s overstating its operating profits by nearly $1.2bn, Takata with their deadly airbags and Kobe Steel’s data scandal. People shouldn’t trust Japanese business.

        • Mr Mister

          People shouldn’t trust corporations anywhere, them being Japanese has nothing to do with it as you’ll find corruption, greed, and plenty worse from corporations all over the world. You could go even further and essentially simplify it. Give humans power and influence and they will abuse it.

        • Vinny

          I’d trust the Japanese over you animals anytime, any day. :)) Also, you animals shouldn’t trust the German businesses neither, what with the VW scandal and all. LOL!

          • Matt

            When you say ‘animals’, what or who are you referring to exactly?

          • Sovereignty

            I’m sure you would trust the Japanese because you have no morals. Some people don’t. Nice of you to admit it.

    • Alduin

      You’re an idiot. Ghosn is a clown and I’m glad they got rid of him.

      • Sovereignty

        Said like a true Nissan fangirl.

        • Alduin

          You’re just a dumb troll.

          • Sovereignty

            You call me a troll because you don’t like what I say. It’s more your problem than mine.

        • Alduin

          Lol what? Nissan sucks.

  • Adam

    I bet Nissan can’t afford to make one. They haven’t released anything new in ages, it’s all just updates to existing models.

    • An Existing Person

      What on earth are you talking about? Nissan alone is one of the largest automotive corporations in the world. They certainly have the money to produce another one, but they’re smart to wait and see where the current trend in automotive engineering goes. Either way, selling many of their existing models is what allows them to further fund new projects such as the successor to the R35.

      • Shoaib Sheikh

        Smart to wait and see from last 6 years. Gtr is atleast a full revision behind. They just bumped up the price of a 10 year old car to 210k. Nissan really don’t know how to replace gtr.

        • Vinny

          And yet its waiting list is 18 months, meaning it’s all sold out. LOL!

      • Shobin Drogan

        Being a big company doesn’t translate to being able to afford or make a good amount of profit. Other than the ageing X-Trail, I don’t see a single car in any of it’s segment that is destroying the competition in sales. Adam has a point , the 370z should’ve been replaced years ago. They’ve been milking the gtr and 370 for over a decade already. Clearly something ain’t right.

        • Vinny

          Uh, you do know that Nissan earned tens of billions of $ in operating profits in the last fiscal year, right?

          • Shobin Drogan

            Google “Nissan profit” And the first 10 articles are about nissan suffering the worst profit margin it has in the past decade.

    • Vinny

      Nissan can’t afford? Ahahaha! Last fiscal year they made tens of billions of $ in operating and net profits. LOL!

      • Alduin

        Actually Nissan sales as a whole are down in the US and continue to slide. Dated products and crappy reliability are hurting them.

    • Alduin

      Like Mitsubishi LOL.

  • Ben

    “We don’t know what the new GTR will be….so we’ll just keep making this one!”

    • Alduin

      Onward to another 11 years!

  • SteersUright

    That interior looks like it never left 2011.
    Nissan Inc. is looking incredibly weak. Between the Q50, 370Z, GTR, etc., Infiniti & Nissan both look so outdated as a whole. Wonder what the heck has been going on there the past several years? They were once making great cars.

    • Alduin

      Nissans used to be good before the Renault Empire.

  • Teddy Wijaya


  • Alduin

    Nissan is in trouble. 11 year old GTR with a 15 year old Frontier isn’t looking good for them.

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