Nissan Prices 2020 GT-R From $113,540, NISMO From $210,740; Drops Over 120 Photos Too

The revised Nissan GT-R lineup is almost ready to launch in the United States. The Japanese automaker will offer the lauded performance model in four different trim levels, including the GT-R Premium, 50th Anniversary Edition, Track Edition and NISMO.

Set to go on sale on July 25, the base variant will have an MSRP of $113,540, while the 50th Anniversary Edition, which builds on the same grade adding extra gear, will have an $8,500 premium.

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Both versions of the car include revised turbochargers with the base model obtaining new 20-inch wheels, titanium exhaust, Active Noise Cancellation, Active Sound Enhancement and others. It can also be specified with a new ‘Hai Gray’ premium interior with hand-stitched, semi-aniline trim.

The GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition marks the return of the Bayside Blue color, contrasted by white racing stripes. It’s also available with Pearl White and red stripes or Super Silver with white stripes. The interior gets a gray color scheme, unique steering wheel and shift knob trim, Alcantara headliner and sun visors and embossed seats.

You’ll have to wait until August 25 for the 2020 GT-R Track Edition that is priced from $145,540. It features 20-inch Nismo wheels, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and available carbon ceramic brakes. The cabin brings unique red and black elements and Recaro seats. But more importantly, the Track Edition is powered by the same engine as the Nismo. The 3.8-liter V6 makes 600 hp and 481 lb-ft (652 Nm) of torque, whereas the unit found in the Premium and 50th Anniversary Edition is rated at 565 hp and 467 lb-ft (633 Nm) of torque.

Finally, the top dog of the range, the 2020 GT-R Nismo, will launch on July 12 with a starting price of $210,740. The reduced overall mass, upgraded brakes, wheels and tires and improved gearbox shift control, are some of the features that set it apart, helping it achieve a 2.5-second reduction in lap time around Nissan’s development track. Each Nismo is handcrafted by a ‘takumi’ technician.


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  • Da Only Skid

    Gotta cover the lawsuit costs, right Nissan. Take the absorbing powers of your French counterparts. This whole Ghosn sh.t is ridiculous. He did more for you than any CEO, past or present. Hope you burn and feel the pain where it shouldn’t.

    • Jason Miller

      Tell ’em how you really feel.

  • raikkonen

    Great car, but my God, it’s going into its 12th year of production on the same platform and body style???

  • charlotteharry57

    When a neighbor down the street dropped just a tad over $100K on a base GT-R back in the ’14 model year, eyes rolled. Now you can more than DOUBLE that? Man, is the auto industry f**ked up these days!

  • Honda NSX-R

    This is a joke right?

    • Bo Hanan

      I’m like; “did I read that correctly for an 11 year old car that doesn’t know any new tricks…”
      Nissan is “out they damn mind.”

  • Ben

    The R35 has been in production for 10 years…
    The 2009 MSRP was $80,000…the same as a Dodge Challenger Redeye
    The 2019 MSRP now is $210,000 for roughly the SAME model

    There must be rich YouTubers who want to live Need For Speed still buying these things at such a high cost.

    • Bo Hanan
      • Jason Miller

        I’d rather have the GT-R.

        • Bo Hanan

          My point being the GTR doesn’t play in the same neighborhood, and neither should it’s price. Just imagine what an R36 cost?

      • SteersUright

        Waaaaaaay sexier.

    • Jason Miller

      Compares the original MSRP to the current NISMO which is so much more car. Yeah, smart.

      • Ben

        A GTR is a GTR. They’ve gone unchanged for the most part. Nips and tucks here to make viable sense in the market is all Nissan has done. The 370z is parked in it’s grave and the GTR is on life support. Other vehicles have made the same leap in performance Nissan’s GTR has, NISMO or not, without charging 3x the original price. If you’d like to get nerdy about it, the 2009 model would’ve been $95k today.

        Regardless of how many posters young children have of a NISMO GTR, it isn’t worth the $115k price hike. Fact is, the NISMO is the version needed to compete with the GTR’s peers.

        • Jason Miller

          A proper comparison would be the $113k model, not the full blown Nismo. In that case, yes, the price has gone up (and not much considering inflation) but there is no need to compare the entry level price of the original car with the Nismo. Apples and oranges.

          • Ben

            I remember exactly where I was when the 2009 GTR launched, I wanted one…bad. I also cheered as it beat up on supercars double, triple, and quadruple the cost. However, our Japanese hero has become complacent. The NISMO is the version that is needed in order to compete at the level the original R35 did.

            Not saying its not a decent car, but its no longer Godzilla. Its a nameplate.

  • SteersUright

    Cool old super car but, is anyone buying them new anymore?

  • T2X

    I can’t understand why Nissan released like every year a few new Updated GTR’s? That’s a good Car, yes! BUT… the Base of the GTR are to old and not comparedable anymore with newer Cars. The Interiot looks terrible since release.

  • Mike anonymous

    What’s the problem with that??? I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about numbers (years on market specifically). Today, this is a great vehicle (by todays’ standards).

    The GTR does not ‘need’ a redesign or update simply because the world wants and has become accustomed to ‘the next new (smartphone, and now car) every single year‘,.. if it’s not this year, then it’s old. (although I don’t remember anyone saying that in regards to the Veyron which was on sale for nearly as long). It really comes down to the vehicle design, even though the performance of the vehicle itself has only increase so since its’ inception. Some people simply want something new (even if what they have now is great, and) even if they may not need it. Seeminglynewfornewssake.

    The current GTR is a great vehicle (and for those who know and understand the actual technology and craftsmanship that goes into building each GTR, will understand that) It is a vehicle that is about on par technologically with the likes of vehicles from McLaren or Ferrari (within this price range and class). It is unfortunate that it is a vehicle that receives so much dislike, It is an icon and (especially in a time when sports cars and supercars alike (of such prowess) are in short supply) I personally believe we should be happy to have it around while we still may.

    (Shown Are The; Nissan GT-R PROTO Concept, 2011 Nissan GT-R, & 50th Anniversary GT-R.)

    • Bo Hanan

      I think Nissan needs to step back with the R36 version, if there is one. The price now far exceeds it’s fan base. And Ferrari-McLaren customers will not shop at Nissan dealerships. An option would be to go full blown exotic and go after said customers.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d get one anytime. But i am a strange type of guy.

  • Vassilis

    Is this the first time they put carbon-ceramics in the GT-R?

  • Nastinupe1911

    $210k for a 600 hp Nissan? I’ll take a Mercedes AMG GT 63-S 4 Door Coupe. It comes with 630 hp and 644 ft/ lbs of torque in a beautiful Mercedes body with an amazing interior… for $160,000. And with the additional $50,000 I’ll buy a Wrangler Rubicon.

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