Porsche’s Electric Taycan Expected To Quickly Outsell The 911

In just six weeks’ time at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Porsche Taycan will finally be unveiled to the world and is shaping up to quickly outsell the iconic 911.

The all-electric Taycan has been a long time coming and over the past couple of years, Porsche has managed to drum up a lot of interest in the car. According to Auto News, the company has already amassed almost 30,000 deposits for the Taycan and will look to quickly boost annual production up to about 40,000 units, Evercore ISI analyst Arndt Ellinghorst says.

In 2018, Porsche sold a total of 35,600 examples of the 911 across the globe so it seems inevitable that before long, the Taycan, a car which would have been unthinkable of a decade ago, will start to sell in greater numbers than Porsche’s most famous, desirable, and long-running sports car.

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Customers looking to lock in an order for a Taycan need to place a 2500 euro ($2785) deposit which will be deducted from the final sales’ price. The Porsche Taycan will take the fight directly to Tesla’s Model S and while it does promise exciting performance abilities, it will launch with a far more limited charging network than the Tesla.

Fortunately, Porsche is hard at work installing charging stations across Europe and the United States which will be able to charge the Taycan with up to 62 miles (100 km) of range in a mere four minutes.

Porsche originally intended on building 20,000 Taycans annually but that figure is set to increase significantly on the back of high demand for the vehicle. In addition, Porsche is hiring 1500 new employees to build the Taycan and has so far recruited nearly 1000 out of 32,000 applications.

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  • TheBelltower

    Most likely. This will be a more athletically proportioned alternative to the Panamera. Porsche is going to sell every one they can build. I won’t be the first in line for one, but I’ll definitely follow it once it’s launched.

  • MJ Coffey

    Outsell the 911? Sure, that won’t be much of an issue. But then – the 911 is a sports coupé whereas the Taycan has four doors just like the Panamera.. or Teslas Model S. It would be much more interesting if Porsche decides to make an all-electric 911.

    • TheNovanglus

      More like Model 3, but yes. A Roadster competitor would be awesome…if Tesla manages to ever make it.

  • db

    After all these Taycan owners get home, they get on their computers, go to car sites and start crying about why is the manual transmission going away….

    • Stephen G

      My pool filter and lawn mower are both two speed automatics and I can’t imagine wanting a manual.

      • db

        You haven’t lived until you have shifted a good quality pool filter…

        • TheNovanglus

          Nothing worse than a pool filter with a long throw.

          • db

            You got that right. By the time the shift is made, you look up and you aren’t in LLN anymore….

          • TheNovanglus

            At least Disqus works right in here. I think LLN was using the owner’s nephew’s 5th grade kid to integrate it.

          • db

            I wouldn’t have minded so much if they didn’t get the flunky kid to run it but obviously there was something going down behind the scene.
            Still sad to see it go down, with the familiar group we had, you knew where you pretty well stood with one another.

            I mean you doesn’t want to go “where everyone knows your name….”

          • TheNovanglus

            Yeah, there was definitely something up for quite a while. It seemed like a one or two man operation. If they were busy at a show, nothing got updated and therefore they might not have big stories for a half a day or longer and that has to really knee-cap page-views. Maybe they’ll figure it out.

          • db

            Well what do know, I guess LLN might have found another grade fiver to run the site. I checked there today and this was posted:

            Notice: Left Lane News is under new management. Stay tuned for the resumption of news coverage

  • iddqd

    the design is still beyond me…if that’s truly the end off version, the head- and taillights look either spiderish-front- or plain ugly-rear-…

    • Matt

      That’s just tape to disguise the production head and taillights.

  • Big Black Duck

    damn…thats an ugly looking car

  • JqC

    I really find this amusing. Porsche has devoted billions of dollars to go aggressively after where Tesla has already moved on from. Classic Musk. His competitors are always years behind. The Model S category is not even important to Tesla at this time. Anyhow, I suppose VW is achieving the conversion to EVs by using the VW brand to target low cost buyers, the Audi brand to target the Model X and the Porsche brand to target the Model S, but it still seems cumbersome and no one is targeting where Tesla will be. And I don’t mean the Model 3 or Y. I mean autonomy.

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