FCA Boss Mike Manley Eyes Jeep Expansion As The Way Forward

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles chief executive Mike Manley may have been at the company’s helm for only a year now, but he is preparing to push the car manufacturer forward just a decade since its infamous bankruptcy.

The driving force behind FCA’s newfound success is Jeep, The Detroit News reports and, according to Manley, the brand’s earnings giant will be a key contributor into how the company grows and develops in the coming years.

“We’re able to deliver very, very solid financial and cash-generative results with plenty of opportunity which is why I think we’ve got a strong future ahead of us,” Manley said in an interview. “Jeep has been part of the driving force of the improvement in our profitability over the last few years. And it remains the key brand for us today — not just now, but going forward.”

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Manley took the top job at FCA just days before the demise of Sergio Marchionne and looked to quickly continue where the former industry giant had left off.

Among the first things on his agenda were to settle claims that Ram and Jeep diesel engines had used illegal software to cheat emissions testing. In addition, Manley asked company lawyers to negotiate a settlement with federal prosecutors investigating if FCA executives had conspired to pay bribes and break labor laws with United Auto Works. After these issues were dealt with, the carmaker briefly looked set to join forces with Renault – but we all know how that ended…

Manley says that the next decade will be filled with changes FCA will have to adapt to due to how rapidly the industry is developing in the age of automation and electric powertrains.

“The changes in our industry are inevitable. Now we can make investments in different parts of our business. The investment in electrification is non-discretionary. You have no choice but to invest,” Manley says. “We would like to get a degree of certainty and to understand what the world looks like. We can adapt. We will adapt. Certainty is important in our business because of the length of the investments we make.”

FCA will continue to push through ongoing trade uncertainties with new and exciting models, particularly those from Jeep such as a new small SUV, a new three-row Grand Cherokee, and the long-awaited Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

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  • dumblikeyou2

    FCA Boss Mike Manley Eyes Jeep Expansion As The ONLY Way Forward

  • Hot Twink

    How ironic, Jeep is the way forward, but Fiat wants to base almost every Jeep model on Fiat and Alfa Romeo platforms and technology.

    Hey, if people won’t buy a Fiat, they’ll happily buy a Fiat disguised as a Jeep.

  • eb110americana

    The curse of Jeep continues! The curse says that Jeep will thrive, but all other parts of the corporation, or any corporation which attempts to control Jeep, will perish.

    1929 – The American Austin Car Company founded building and selling cars licensed from British Austin Motor Co.

    1935 – Post-bankruptcy, bought out by Roy Evans and rebranded to American Bantam

    1937 – Production begins again on a new line of vehicles ranging from roadsters, coupes, and convertibles to wagons and light trucks.

    1940 – The US Army contacts 135 companies for a light military vehicle proposal. Only American Bantam meets the short 49 day deadline with the first Jeep prototype: the Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC).

    1940 – The US military takes the BRC design from struggling American Bantam and hands production over to Willys-Overland (and Ford, who produced the model with Willys-Overland’s design modifications). This is done, because Willys-Overland is much more capable of meeting production demands–it was also the only other company to respond to the Army’s original search, however they failed to meet the deadline, so American Bantam’s design was used with their revisions.

    1941 – Bankrupt American Bantam ceases production of automobiles with only around 6,000 sales since 1937.

    1945 – Willys produces the first civilian Jeeps

    1953 – Willys bought by Kaiser Motors

    1963 – Renamed Kaiser-Jeep

    1970 – American Motors Co. buys Jeep from Kaiser, which was all that remained of Kaiser’s automotive business at that point.

    1987 – Chrysler buys AMC primarily for Jeep (AMC phased out for “Jeep-Eagle” dealerships)

    1998 – Eagle brand discontinued

    2001 – Plymouth discontinued

    2009 – Chrysler files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

    2014 – Fiat completes acquisition/merger with Chrysler, forming FCA, a process which began in 2009.

    2019 – Chrysler now sells only the Pacifica/Voyager minivan and may end production of the aging 300. Lancia (which sold rebranded Chryslers in Europe for a time) consists of one model sold only in Italy. Dodge sells the Durango, continues updating the Charger and Challenger on their aged platform, and will phase out the Grand Caravan and Journey (probably). These, plus RAM and Jeep are all that remain of the legacy of fallen brands. Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati best take heed!

    • Enter Ranting

      You missed the part where Mercedes bought Chrysler for parts.

  • I still think Fiat is rather undeveloped, not to mention Maserati.

    • Alduin

      Fiat sucks as does Maserati. Both should be either shuttered or sold off.

      • Stephen G

        Like so many car buyers…you’re forgetting Alfa too.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes


    FIAT was the cash cow with the 500! That’s the only brand that’s made money for them the last 10 years

    How can jeep ONLY be the way forward!?!?!?

    If it wasn’t for the 500 FCA wouldn’t be around today in its form – yes there in a mess

  • Alduin

    At this point wouldn’t it just be wise to just get rid of Chrysler since they’re practically a dead brand and just focus on Dodge and Jeep? They need to bring AMC back honestly. A new modern eagle wagon would be amazing.

    • Stephen G

      Yes…AMC because 4wd station wagons are hot. Then DeSoto and then Hudson. Pure genius.

      • Alduin

        A modern AMC eagle would be a good competitor to The Subaru Outback,VW golf all track and Buick Regal Tour X.

        • Stephen G

          A poor quality full framed compact 4 wheel drive vehicle will not be any competition for the Subaru Outback.

          • Alduin

            It would be updated and have modern safety features.

          • Stephen G

            An updated modern poor quality full framed compact 4wd vehicle will not be any competition for the Subaru Outback.

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