Gotcha! 2020 VW Golf Mk8 Snapped Totally Naked During Commercial Shoot

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf has been snapped without any camouflage during a recent commercial shoot for the car.

The images that were sent to us by an eagle-eyed reader, were apparently (briefly) posted on the Instagram page of _adrianmay. They show the Golf Mk8 painted in the same color as recent prototypes and confirm that the many renderings previewing the latest Golf’s design have been accurate.

The most significant alteration made to the rear of the eighth-gen Golf are the new taillights which are certainly more aggressive than those of the outgoing model. In addition, we can see chrome accents around the tailpipes and two horizontal reflectors on either side of the license plate cut-out. Only a single, low-resolution photo of the new Golf’s front end is available, but it reveals newly-shaped taillights and an overhauled lower grille area with accents painted in the same shade as the rest of the car.

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Beyond the exterior modifications, the interior of the new VW Golf will also be a significant upgrade over the current car. For example, there will be a fully-digital gauge cluster and a large touchscreen for the infotainment system in the center of the console. The new Golf will also support over-the-air updates, which has made VW ensure the car’s software remains safe from cyberattacks. As a result, it’s quite complex; ee’re told that the new car features 100 million lines of code, versus the 10 million needed by a new car a decade ago.

Volkswagen was originally expected to unveil the Mk8 Golf at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show, but that launch has allegedly been pushed back until October.

Thanks to Marco F. for the pictures!

  • wait a minute

    I’m sure it’ll have a completed different interior and drive train but these photos make the outside look like the current Mk7

  • Vilebrequin

    Fake exhaust tips <3

  • Jay_Sam

    Why to change somthing that works? MK7 was pinnacle and knowingly VW did some light update to the overall design. Not a revolutionary change.

  • liked the rear design but front lights wouldn’t be my choice of design if I were responsible.

  • Mike anonymous

    What Is It That People Want?? “It Looks Exactly Like The Current Generation, They need to change it more” to “They’re changing so much & everything that is so great about the Mk7… I’ll never buy VW again“, etc…
    In 2015 VW revealed the Golf GTE Concept pointing towards the direction of the Mk8 Golf, If I remember correctly people were in love and praised it for what it was. Now of course that design is a bit much for the (and remember) Standard Mk8 Golf. Since We’ve begun to see the Mk8 Prototypes & Now an Mk8 Fully Revealed, it seems as though ‘Golf Enthusiasts‘ are split on what they want, with a lot (on either side) seemingly not happy with what they’re getting.

    (Shown Above is (first) the 2015 Golf GTE Concept, and (secondly) The Mk7 Golf).
    VW has seemingly done their best to adhere to both sides, Giving the Mk8 A radical new look, without changing the characteristics of what make a Golf a Golf. Meaning they listened to both sides, and gave the customers what they were asking for.

    I personally like it, and it is hard to really judge from these blurry and far away images, to what it may actually be like in real life, (and possibly in something other than Yellow). I will reserve judgment until it’s fully revealed.

    But a question to those who may not. If you are unhappy with what they’ve done, rather than say ‘I don’t like it‘, make some suggestions and let us know below what is it YOU would do (design, powertrain, etc) if you were in the position of VW.???

    • Ben

      The silver model shown is not an MK7…that’s an MK6.

      • Un Tipo Serio


    • Jussi

      Yes, BMW 1 series (F40) is the latest example of “they changed it too much” if you read comments written by BMW enthusiast. To me both Golf 8 and 1 series F40 looks ok.

    • dumblikeyou2

      I don’t think it strays very far from its formula from the past 15 years. I’m not a fan of the scalloped headlights.
      Since non-trucklike cars have been on a steady decline with customers lately, I don’t VW wanted to take too big of a risk with changing it too much and upset it loyal customer base. BUT, it would have been pretty cool to bring the shape back to it’s squarer Mk4 days instead. It could have done dual duty appealing to all these wannabe trucktards ruining the automotive landscape right now.

    • OdysseyTag

      Hear you there. I find that if people straight up dislike something, they’ll find their reasons. For example, struggling to understand how fake exhaust tips are a dealbreaker in a car as pedestrian as this.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Ugly as expected

  • Six_Tymes

    fake exhaust tips? if so, LAME

    • Leconte Dave

      Of course

    • you can’t say before you tired the stick of true..

    • Aaron Schmitz

      Fake exhaust tips? How are they fake if exhaust is coming from them? LOL. At least they aren’t using fake (rear) air intakes like Honda.

  • Quite like that rear end

  • all ready a boring car…

  • WalthamDan

    at least they kept the cheapened Jetta-type grille out of this design.

  • performante

    I love the MK7, but I’m finding it difficult to like the MK8 from what I’ve seen. Hopefully the GTI and R can convince me.

  • dumblikeyou2

    According to the photo, VW marketing execs think very tall models dressed oddly are the target market for an affordable hatchback.

    • JustSomeRando1111

      Maybe in Europe

      • Aaron Schmitz

        From what I get none of these will be sold in the US, only R and GTI.

    • Art

      Buy Golf, get tall model magnet free..

      • Ebrahim Saadawi

        You mean tall model repellent?

  • ctk4949

    Where?? I dont see it?? This is all new?? lol

  • Getafenses

    The frontal photo is mine. They were recording a commercial with umbrellas in Getafe. Please correct the article.

  • StrangerGP

    Front looks absolutely horrible, even worse than current Polo. Other than that on the outside people will have a hard time guessing which generation of Golf this is.

  • Bluespark

    I agree and like the Honda E approach very much. It looks like it isn’t trying too hard, and it has an Apple-esque minimalism that makes it seem inviting and friendly. I’m not even sure I would call it “retro,” though I obviously see the retro inspirations. I would love to see more car manufacturers go this direction. It actually plays well with futuristic, just not a highly-embellished view of futurism.

    As for the pictured Golf design, I don’t like it as much as the Honda E in your photo, but it’s not bad. I haven’t been a huge fan of the current VW front grille design, and this is a nice departure (though I would have preferred less-squinty headlights). The rear looks good to me and ties it in well with VW’s current lineup. That said, for a few years now, VW has seemed to lose some of its German distinctiveness and that’s too bad.

    • Enter Ranting

      Honda is gonna sell a billion of those little cars. They’re distinctive, clean and modern, and they perform well. If they have Honda’s reliability, it’ll be a home run.

      • Matt

        They won’t sell a billion at the price they’re asking for them though.

        • Enter Ranting

          Every rich person who wants to signal that they care about the Earth will buy one when they first come out. In a few years, the price will come down, and the flood gates will be opened.

          • Matt

            Oh definitely there are rich people out there who want to virtue signal, but I just can’t see them buying Hondas.

          • Enter Ranting

            Studio lots in Los Angeles were FILLED with Priuses when they were introduced. Trust me, rich people will buy an expensive Honda if it stands out, and the E stands out.

      • mobycat

        That’s presuming they even bring it to the States. Seems like a lot of the more interesting cars never make it here. All because we Americans are stupidly stuck with “I need an SUV/Crossover” attitudes.

  • Sukhoi31m3

    100 million lines of code…. that’ll keep the tuners busy!

  • iggination

    Looks horrible IMO. Completely lost the Golf coolness.

  • Thando_Gqabaza



    • iddqd

      safety regulations to get that NCAAP pedestrian rating…also fuel economy


    REAR LOOKS copy from alfa romeo giulietta

  • Enter Ranting

    It looks buck-toothed, and not in a good way.

  • MIL1234

    no risk design

  • Giziclown

    No design.

  • Robert

    I am still uninspired by its design. And what do VW’s designers have against giving the Golf a proper grill? The slit for a grill is bland and played out already.

  • mobycat

    “I know VW has a history of retro designed cars not doing so hot,”

    Really? What retro design has there been other than the Beetle? And that did quite well. While it petered out, it did well enough to last 20 years with just one major redesign.

  • SteersUright

    hopefully looks much better in person. Color is very cool, but details and overall design looks very dull in the image.

  • Vangelis Goulis


  • Sebastien

    I don’t know why they would like to keep it secret, every new generation is almost identical to it’s predecessor.

  • The Rusted Pixel

    Looking forward to seeing this in person. So sick of ridiculous, tacky looking car with scooping and chunks cut out of them. This is clean, classic and strong looking. Hoping they fix the boring look of the day time running lights they put on the mk7.5 the mk7 day time running lights were better looking.

  • Aeromann

    This tail lights looks better than tiguan ones

  • Ebrahim Saadawi

    This looks absolutely brilliant! In a world of Civic Type R, Focus RS, cars that come factory Pre-Riced, this is subtle, elegant, and has perfect hatchback proportions.

    The Rear-end tailights somehow work better on a low car than the Tiguan, and the front is a proper homage to the 2008 Scirocco which to this day still looks like w 2022 model.

    Love it.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    The best minivan disguised as a hatchback on the market. I especially praise the originality of its design.

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