2020 VW Golf Mk8: Deliveries Must Start At The End Of The Year

VW is still trying to solve the quiz of getting the next-generation Golf into mass production but the company’s executives appear adamant that the new compact hatchback will launch by the end of this year.

According to AutoNews, VW’s CEO Herbert Diess said that they are in the middle of preparing for series production of the new Golf, during the Global Top Management Conference.

“Currently we are fighting hard with the ramp-up,” Diess said. “We will meet our deadline and deliver the first vehicles at the end of this year.”

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During development of the new generation Golf, VW’s engineers were riddled with software glitches, mostly because the new model will be able to be updated over the air. This function however exposes the car to new threats and requires more extensive cybersecurity measures to be taken.

The software in the upcoming VW Golf is way more complex than its predecessor, featuring 100 million lines of code versus 10 million for a new car sold 10 years ago.

Unnamed sources within Volkswagen said that the company was rushing to meet the internal deadline for delivery by the end of the year but so far, there’s no definitive date from official lips.


The new VW Golf aims to become the segment’s most connected vehicle, featuring a digital cockpit as standard on all versions and new fuel-efficient powertrains that run on petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas. VW is also working on a new 48-volt mild-hybrid version, as well as a plug-in hybrid with 50 miles (80km) of EV range.

Back in May, Diess said that the new Golf would be presented to the global motoring press in October. It was initially reported that the model would make its static world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the company opted not to in order to focus on the reveal of the battery electric ID.3 hatchback.

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  • Six_Tymes

    so, in other words. don’t buy the first year this thing comes out… lol

    • StrangerGP

      Given the amount of technology this can be said about most new cars, the early customers are beta testers. You’re pretty much safe only if you’re buying a car like Jimny where all the non-essential technology has been ignored.

  • Marc

    Why are we building cars like this? Who needs all this tech? My 2003 Audi is invincible, it never breaks down, hardly ever needs money spending and has next to no tech. ABS, ASR dual climate and central locking, that’s about it. Imagine having one of these new Golfs after the warranty has expired? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    • Julien Lachemoi

      Because people do enjoy the connectivity ? Not everyone want to live in early 2000.

      • Marc

        If you want connectivity buy a printer a car is a transport device.

        • Julien Lachemoi

          Yeah. Stay in 1950 pal, we’re moving on without you.

          • Marc

            You won’t be moving anywhere if your WiFi goes down. It’s a sad thing when Facebook becomes more important than the engine and gearbox! And just for your info 2003 is not in the 1950’s, look it up when you get back on line.

  • Blackbird41

    Definitely don’t buy the first year model of this new design. Too many bugs for sure.

    Manufacturers putting all this tech into modern cars is making them throwaways. The technology will be outdated within several years just like a computer. In 5 years it will be completely outdated, in 10 years there will likely no longer be any code to run the equipment. The cars will be useless and inoperable, unlike vehicles with simplified systems that become classics or life long collector vehicles. Of course, the manufacturer makes money by forcing you to purchase a new vehicle every so often, but the nature of computer/software technology is making everything associated with it obsolete. Engineering technology is fantastic, but replacing analog interfaces with touchscreens and integrating thousands of sensors and millions of lines of coding will just make the vehicle become a temporary user device.

    Perhaps a whole new industry will appear for car restorations involving old computer technology or analog conversion kits or something. 🙂 But I think modern vehicles will become temporary iterations. Sometimes it seems like they add all this stuff just as an excuse to increase the costs, when all this tech is supposed to reduce costs and increase efficiency, right? 🙂

    You can get what was once a $80K BMW 7 series from 2010 for like $15K now. The engine itself is worth more than the car. All the tech is worth nothing. Nobody is buying them because the maintenance costs for all the tech is ridiculous, and all that tech fails very quickly. Tech doesn’t hold up or becomes outdated and cant be worked on. The same will happen for all the other cars. 🙁

    Don’t know if I like this new design.

  • carlbolt

    True, the first year car is buggy, however, it is also true that automakers normally put the best stuff into an all new car to attract customers and do the cost-cutting during the rest of life cycle of the car. So the last year car may be the worst in that regard.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    In other words release them or it’ll be a financial flop

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