Volkswagen’s (Officially) Changing Its Logo, Goes For A More Modern Approach

Volkswagen has embraced electrification and will be taking an important step into the future by launching the ID sub-brand. Furthermore, in an attempt to put as much distance as possible from the cheating emissions scandal, it will change its logo too.

Set to be revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in early September, it will symbolize the new brand design and will launch under the ‘New Volkswagen’ motto. The logo will be “bolder and more colorful”, with a 2D design, the company explained without providing any more details about it. Still, CarScoops understands that it will continue to mix the V and W letters in a similar and instantly recognizable layout.

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The German brand’s current logo

“Volkswagen has taken and implemented bold decisions in almost all areas of its activities. The comprehensive rebranding is the logical consequence of our brand’s strategic reorientation”, said Member of the Board of Management for Sales, Marketing and After-Sales, Jurgen Stackmann. “I am very proud of what we have achieved: ‘New Volkswagen’ has a presentation that is powerful, fresh, positive and attractive.”

Part of the ‘Transform 2025+’ strategy adopted four years ago after the Dieselgate scandal erupted, the logo will be implemented at the brand’s locations and dealers in Europe first, followed by China in October. At the beginning of next year, it will be used throughout the Volkswagen apparatus in North and South America, as well as other global markets. Overall, the automaker will implement it in 171 countries, at more than 10,000 facilities, where it will replace about 70,000 old logos.

On a related note, the German brand will have a new sound logo as well that will replace the former brand claim. Furthermore, it will have a female voice in the future.

Coinciding with the presentation of the new logo, VW will introduce the ID.3 electric hatchback in Frankfurt.

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  • Hot Twink

    Polish a turd…

    A new logo and motto won’t hide the fact that it’s still the same company that did dirty diesel.

    • Daniela Wolf

      Who cares?

      • Enter Ranting

        Anyone with a brain.

        • Daniela Wolf

          oh most car buyers have no brain….ah i see it now

    • Matt

      I suppose if you were to disregard any corporation that had at some point been dishonest or unethical, there wouldn’t be many options left.

    • SD38439

      I take it you either don’t drive a car or have built your own, down to extracting minerals from the earth to create the materials? If you had this same attitude towards corporations in general, you’d be naked and living in a straw hut somewhere.

      • Hot Twink

        I’m an engineer actually, specializing in drivetrain solutions (e.g. transfer cases, RDMs, differentials, and torque control devices such as electromagnetic multi-disc clutchpacks).

        My comment is to point out that a name change, logo change, or motto change is meaningless. This applies to any company (automaker or not).

        If Volkswagen wants to truly shed the negative associations of past actions, then they have to change internally, through ethical engineering and business practices. Otherwise, what they are doing is just for show.

        • Finkployd

          It’s the same logo, just a slightly more modern, clean look … like every major corporation does every once in a while. Don’t read too much into it

  • Alexandro Pietro

    Should be oval…

  • Emoto

    What is different about this new logo?

    • McFly

      It’s incremental changes, just like the ones before. You don’t make big changes on a brand like this.

      Basically, they’re removing shadows, gradients and other pretend 3D stuff. On the actual 3D logos, like on the cars, they’re removing some of the beveling.

  • Enter Ranting

    I don’t care what shape the new logo takes. VW is dead to me.

    • Daniela Wolf


    • botornot387

      clearly not, since you feel the need to comment. And come on. You love to rant don’t you?

      • Enter Ranting

        I’ll clarify for you: The piece of garbage GTi I leased fell apart completely within 6 months. Then came the diesel cheating scandal, with all the unnecessary monkey gassing. Is it enough for you that I’ll never touch another VW again, or am I also not allowed to rant about it?

        • Matt

          When you say’ fell apart’… do you mean bits of the car actually fell off, or did you have mechanical issues?

          • Enter Ranting

            Both. Engine problems, transmission problems, electrical problems, plastic trim that broke off the dash, gear shift lever, and the entire inside door panel that fell off and dangled from the power window wires when I opened the door. Never again.

          • diesel_vdub

            Maybe, just maybe if you weren’t so rough on the vehicle it would have lasted longer than 6 months.

            I’ve owned 2 different VWs and not experienced anything like you describe. In fact I know several people that own VWs and none of them have had issues that would justify the reputation VW has for bad reliability.

          • Pedro Pereira

            I find that hard to believe.

          • Enter Ranting

            Good for you.

        • Peter Oehring

          Do you know how to drive?

        • botornot387

          I would prefer you didnt and move on like a normal person. Sounding off isn’t going to change what happened and VW out of all the offenders has and is continuing to pay the consequences. The other German brands have also committed cheats in their diesels and its about to catch up with them, with Mercedes being fined now. Good thing you didn’t have a POS cobalt and died because of a 50 cent ignition switch. Good thing you didnt have a POS Mitsubishi or any other POS bc they exist at every brand. End rant!

          • Enter Ranting

            Why would I drive a POS Cobalt? I chose VW because I thought it would be a good quality car. It was a POS. Part of the consequences that VW is paying is that they are dead to me.

  • My guess is that it will only be an evolution of the current logo, and perhaps going closer to older 2D versions – there’s too much brand recognition and such a valuable asset to mess with it.
    They’ll keep it perfectly round (no oval or other shape), if the future cars and concepts are any hint, besides, it stays in line with the German tradition of circular automotive logos – M-B, BMW, Audi (yep, 4 circles), and Opel… Porsche is the only black sheep here.

  • Peter Oehring

    What is wrong with the current one? If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

    • Holmer_k

      The 3D version is too heavy for electric cars. Switching to a 2D version allows for .000000001 more miles per charge.

  • Galaxium

    The new Golf spyshots showed a slimmer type font for the VW logo. It looks more modern and nicer.

  • TheBelltower

    Meaningful. Bravo! Brava! Raise your classes of rose’… designers of typestyles and logos everywhere rejoice!

    Meanwhile, crickets everywhere else.

  • Jay_Sam

    Well it’s like lying to your friend and when you are spoiled changing your name and become vegetarian.

  • Miknik

    Imagine how much money went into designing these changes, the agencies involved, the internal groups working, and then this is the outcome;

  • Daniela Wolf

    Dude u have no clue about the fact that almost all competitors did the same, do you?


    • Enter Ranting

      Oh, that makes it OK. Everyone did it. Nothing to see here, moving on. Cute graph, though. Tell me, if VW is the LEAST guilty of emissions cheating, why did they pay $25 billion in fines? Did your VW go down in value because of the scandal, Daniella?

      • Daniela Wolf

        Today we found out that affected cars didn’t lose value before Q3 2017. (two years after the events)
        Between 2015 and Q3 2017 the cars’ values even grew by 1,5%.

        After Q3 2017 the decrease in value was lower when u had a VW.
        That’s why ur argument backfired.
        They paid this ammount of money because they are not a american company.

  • Steve Cohn

    I’ve had a 2019 Jetta R-Line for over a year and I love it.
    For the price, very high quality & great fun to drive.
    45+ mpg on the highway & handles better than the BMW 3 series I used to have.

    • Enter Ranting

      Congratulations. There are Kias that handle better than a 3 Series now.

  • Aeromann

    OMG a real VW fanboy!

    Yes, all of the VW group is garbage.

  • bonzomatic

    Ummmm The Ford Model T was introduced in 1908, the Beetle was built by THE NAZIS in 1945. No one said Ford invented the car, he just perfected the mass production of them.

    Next, VW is not always the best. Hello, dieselgate? How about the awful DSG transmission?

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