Protester Trolls VW’s Geneva Presentation, Claims To Have New Cheating Device!

Journalists attending a presentation made by Volkswagen at the Geneva Motor Show didn’t know what to believe when a demonstrator walked on stage.

Dressed as a VW mechanic and carrying a wrench, the man claimed to have a new cheating device, in a reference to the “dieselgate” scandal, and approached the car that was on display to “fix it”.

No one is going to find out about this one! I’m just going to put it now!“, said the protester, as he was getting ready to mimic the Up!’s repair.

Security guards were baffled by the man’s intervention, as they didn’t know if he was part of the show. When they approached him, the “VW mechanic” said: “Mr. Mueller (VW Group’s new CEO) said it was OK, as long as no one finds out about it.

The video ended just as the man was escorted off the stage and outside the Palexpo complex, where the 2016 Geneva Motor Show is hosted.