2020 Smart EQ ForTwo And ForFour Revealed With New Looks, Same Dismal Powertrain

Following a preview last week, Smart has unveiled the facelifted EQ ForTwo and EQ ForFour.

Set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10th, the models have a revised design that incorporates a number of styling cues from the ForEase and ForEase+ concepts.

Starting up front, the cars have been equipped with a new fascia that features a prominent mesh grille. It’s flanked by newly optional LED headlights and a modified bumper with vertical openings near the outside edges. Additional changes are limited, but the cars have updated taillights with a rhombic design that consists of “hundreds of elaborately arranged” LEDs.

The cabin largely carries over, but there are a handful of notable changes. First and foremost, there’s a new 8-inch infotainment system which promises a “seamless interaction” with a driver’s smartphone.  The infotainment system is also more intuitive and easier to use.

Designers also created a new center console which features a large storage compartment in front of the shifter. Smart says its big enough to hold modern smartphones and can also accommodate two coffee cups thanks to its removable cup holder.

The changes should largely be welcomed, but Smart failed to address the biggest problem – the powertrain. It carries over and consists of a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery that powers an electric motor which develops 80 hp (60 kW / 82 PS) and 118 lb-ft (160 Nm) of torque.

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Smart didn’t release detailed performance specifications, but confirmed the car has a disappointing range of up to 98.8 miles (159 km) in the New European Driving Cycle. The company was quick to point out the range is “several times the average daily” commute in Germany, but that probably won’t stop customers from having serve range anxiety.

It’s also worth mentioning the 98.8 mile (159 km) range is a best case scenario as pre-facelift ForFour could only travel between 85-96 miles (137-155 km) on a single charge. That’s on top of the old model’s 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) time of 12.7 seconds.

Given the limited range, owners should expect to recharge their vehicle pretty often. On the bright side, the optional 22 kW on-board charger features a rapid-charging function which enables the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% in less than 40 minutes.

Without a rapid-charger, the process takes significantly longer. Smart didn’t say how long, but customers who use a 230V socket can expect to get the “average daily driving distance” in a little over three and a half hours.

The updates are pretty tame, but the clock is ticking on the current ForTwo and ForFour. Earlier this year, Daimler sold a 50% stake in Smart to Geely to form a new joint venture which will “own, operate and further develop” the brand. The next-generation of Smart vehicles is slated to arrive in 2022 and, judging by today’s facelift, they can’t get here soon enough.

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  • New front looks like a stupid Beluga

  • Bige Lee

    I like the looks and these cars are pretty practical in super congested cities like SF but… why not update the powertrain though?

    • Joe

      I’d assume with current tech they’re limited with how large a battery etc they can fit safely and securely in the structure, while also balancing whether it’s worthwhile in terms of cost to develop something new that will fit when a replacement developed with Geely is due in a few years, and the current model sells pretty slowly anyway. Anyway, you can’t engineer out a person’s range anxiety very easily. The range it does have (as they say) is more than the vast majority of people’s daily driving, and models that do go significantly further still have to battle with consumer range anxiety – there’d be no way for them to win.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    They made it look worse.


    • Elpatore

      quite an accomplishment to be honest

    • Matt

      I disagree. I think the design updates work really well and give the car a more ‘mature’ appearance. The tail-light clusters might be a bit fussy but overall I think they did a good job.

  • ME

    I can’t stand the design of the small gauges and vent clusters that are sticking out like ugly skin tags.. I also can’t stand the standard read out. IT LOOKS SO CHEAP!!!!! But I do find the exterior an improvement.
    I still would take the Honda E.


    • Mike anonymous

      I agree regarding the milage. It is not bad, nor is it dismal. Those seems to be personal opinions mixed into articles, whilst providing a personal opinion in automotive journalism is great and fine, one should at least look at the whole from both of its’ sides, not simply from one.

  • Alduin

    Don’t you mean Smart DT? Death Trap?

    • Matt

      Smart’s are extremely well engineered in regards to safety.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    So with heater on radio etc you will get 45-50 miles per charge if your lucky!

    • HD

      Radio uses less than 0.10 kWh of energy. That won’t change the range at all. Heating up a tiny cabin like this will only effect the range by a few %. What is more likely that during winter it will lose 20-30% of range. Also this is NEDC, not WLTP, so real range is more like 70 miles. Personally I think for city commuting it’s still good, but you definitely need to have charger either at home or in your office to not complicate your life with this car.

  • This range is absolutely fine for what it is. This is a car you won’t drive more than 50km a day, you wouldn’t want to. It’s the perfect city car with it’s tiny dimensions and hilariously small turning radius. But it’s not something you would drive a longer distance. Also where I live you have always a parking spot on a charger, where with an ICE car is a bitch to find parking.

  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης

    It’s pretty outside & inside!! It’s a Smart, it’s made for urban transport, it’s not for travelling, so this range and performance it’s good!!
    As an ev it is expensive so it must have a good equipment! They should be ashamed selling the fourfour with these fake, cheap rear windows :p

  • StrangerGP

    The 5-door model should have never been introduced, looks incredibly bad even compared to the Twingo it’s based on.

  • FoxJ30

    Aside from the issues with the electric variant, the For2 has the issue that in most peoples’ eyes, it’s just too small to be practical. Sure, most people commute to work by themselves, but they like to think that they have family or friends that can pile in for a trip to the movies, the shops, or dinner. If this is to be an urban vehicle, then most people likely won’t have a second vehicle for those kinds of trips.

    The For4 solves the practicality issue and is no worse on the sizing/seating front than other B-class subcompacts, aside from the lack of power and range.

  • Fleur de lys

    In my opinion the 450 remains the most beautiful model .

  • Buckaroo

    Not available in the USA.

  • James V Robinson

    If you need a bigger car then buy a bigger car.

  • Mark Aaron

    I need a daily commuter in LA, this is perfect. Um, US version?

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