New Peugeot 508 Hybrids WLTP Rated At 1.3 L/100 Km Or 180 MPG – Albeit With Electric Motor Use Included

Following the world premiere at last year’s Paris Auto Show, Peugeot has finally released the 508 Hybrid and 508 SW Hybrid WLTP fuel economy figures.

Initially, Peugeot only released the preliminary EV driving range of 40 km (25 miles) but, as it turns out, the automaker underestimated how far its plug-in hybrid models will go using battery power alone. According to WLTP standards, the 508 Hybrid can cover 33 miles (54 km) in EV mode compared to the 508 SW Hybrid’s 32 miles (52 km).

That’s good news – but even more impressive are the fuel economy ratings. The 508 Hybrid and 508 SW Hybrid are rated at 1.3 l/100 km (217 mpg UK / 180 mpg US) in the combined WLTP cycle, with corresponding CO2 emissions of 29 g/km and 30 g/km, respectively.

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Of course, as is usually the case with PHEVs, the fuel economy ratings are not telling the whole truth, as they include the use of the electric motor. This is why the EPA in the USA includes two labels for PHEVs, “MPGe” or “miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent” that shows “the number of miles the vehicle can go using a quantity of fuel with the same energy content as a gallon of gasoline” and “MPG”, which represents the mileage when the battery is emptied.

Both models combine a 180 PS (178 hp) 1.6-liter PureTech turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine with an 80 kW (109 PS / 107 hp) electric motor for a total power output of 225 PS (222 hp / 165 kW). The plug-in hybrid powertrain also includes an 11.8 kWh battery which can be fully recharged in less than two hours using an optional 7 kW onboard charger. Adding to the PHEV system is an electrified e-EAT8 eight-speed automatic transmission that is linked to the 80 kW electric motor on the front axle.

The hybrids also offer four driving modes: Zero Emissions (full electric), Sport (combines power from both the ICE and the e-motor), Hybrid (switches between electric and engine power for optimized efficiency), and Comfort (combines Hybrid mode with a softer suspension configuration).

The new Peugeot 508 Hybrid and 508 SW Hybrid are already available to order in France, with the rest of Europe to follow by the end of the year.

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