This Is It: 2020 VW Golf Revealed Along With Interior, What Do You Think?

The all-new, eighth-gen VW Golf is scheduled to debut officially on October 24, but photos of the final item have already begun circulating on social media.

While the Golf Mk8 is far from being the best kept secret in the industry, having been spotted countless times so far with very little camo or none at all, these images offer us the best look yet at the new compact hatchback’s design.

Posted on Facebook by a VW fan page from Slovakia, the photos show a production-spec 2020 Golf (notice the sticker on the interior of the windshield). This exterior image gives us an uncensored look at the headlights, as VW has cleverly camouflaged them so far and concealed the upper LED DRL bar.

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Priatelia, je mi česť vám trochu v predstihu predstaviť úplne novú generáciu svetového Bestselleru Golf… Golf VIII….

Gepostet von Som fanúšik Volkswagenov am Montag, 14. Oktober 2019

The illuminated bars fit flush with the grille’s horizontal trim strip, emphasizing the Golf Mk8’s width. Down below, the bumper also features horizontal bars in the lower grille, some of which are partially or fully painted in the vehicle color.

We don’t know what trim this is, but it definitely has an entry-level vibe about it, seeing as the window trim is black and the wheels seem rather small. Seen from the side, the 2020 Golf does not seem that much different compared to the Mk7 generation, with the notable exception of the side mirrors which are now mounted lower on the doors.

The interior is a different story, though, as the driver-oriented cockpit looks hi-tech and very modern. If this is indeed an entry-level version (an impression reinforced by the manual transmission gear stick), VW should receive praise for not making it look cheap. While no one expected the Golf Mk8 to adopt a revolutionary design, we’re curious to learn what is your take on the new model’s styling.

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  • charlie bear

    This look like a cheap Chinese design, Why VW?

    • dumblikeyou2

      Remember those spy photos of what we thought was an emerging-market cheap Jetta but actually WAS the global Jetta instead?

      • drano66

        Pepperidge Farm Remembers the white tur* Jetta not worthy to be sold in Europe.
        I wonder if the same will happen with the Golf…

        • dumblikeyou2

          Oh, I get it. That’s why this Golf is painted white, ’cause ya can’t polish a tur*. I can just hear the automotive equivalent of a face slap echoing throughout the motherland now…..

  • kan hu

    Just normal.

  • Jarosław Kotowicz

    The front looks cheap and bad. Reminds me E65 5 Series somehow.

    • Rivaldo

      E65 was 7 series, and the front doesn’t looks at all.

  • Meh.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Remember when there were spy photos of what everyone thought was an odd looking Chinese Jetta and it ended being the worldwide Jetta? This has the same feel.

    Not sure about that dashboard design, but I’m sure it probably looks cool powered on.

  • WalthamDan

    They tried to hard to differentiate the headlights with those ‘eyebrows’. Interior looks interesting though.
    Let’s see what a non-white, higher-spec model looks like.

    • Hoe

      Let’s see also the quality of the materials in the interior…

  • vas
  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    The front is just ABYSMAL. Very sad to see. What were they thinking? It’s awful.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Strange times when the Toyota Corolla hatchback looks better and more aggressive than what is the basis for the next GTI. Those scalloped headlights are all kinds of wrong for this legacy.

  • vas
  • VW tries car design for the first time ever… Not very good.

  • eluguina

    My wash machine is more exciting.

  • ctk4949

    Meh, booooooooring

  • iggination

    The lower portion of the grille reminds me of what is on the new Camry. The headlight eyelash is clearly similar to the older 5-Series. I’ve read some leaks saying that it drives better, but it sure looks cheap. MK1-MK4 were the best Golfs IMO, with the only exception being the Mk4 R32.

  • Serhii Kniaziuk

    As owner of mk3, mk4 and currently mk6 GTI, I like how mk7 looks (especially facelift) but I definitely don’t like how they did mk8 !!!

    Hope they fix headlights in facelift to something like:

  • xrnzaaas

    Front looks absolutely horrible, but tbh Golf’s design was getting worse and worse since the sixth generation.

    • Un Tipo Serio


  • Giziclown

    Finally, they have f****d it.

  • wait, those look like CHevy headlights… like the Cruze and Sonic use em.


    Those owl eyes just looks awfull

  • alexxx

    Everybody hating design but golf will continue to be bestseller. Amazing…

    • SteersUright

      Golf sells horribly in the USA and all but the GTI model are being canceled. And, for the record, Im a big fan of the car.I find it feels so much more premium than anything else in its class. I just wish it could match a comparable Hyundai, Toyota, or Honda on longevity and reliability. Every German car seems to have so many tiny issues with sensors, little electrical motors failing, water pumps, etc.

      • Daryl O

        Don’t I know it. Sitting here at 35K on a 2017 GTI and my rain sensing wipers and automatic headlights just failed because of…you guessed it….some faulty “body control module” not sending a signal.

        The hilarious part is I got this car after selling my Diesel Jetta back to them during the buyback (dieselgate scandal)

        This may finally be my last one, and it makes me sad to say it.

        • SteersUright

          I know, such a damn shame. I love VW products, interiors, etc., but would never buy one outside of a great lease deal with full warranty. Only an enthusiast with some mechanical skills can be bothered with all the little things that go wrong with them all of the time. And given VW group’s size and resources there’s really no excuse anymore for such poor reliability. Its the same with Audi’s. Nobody wants to touch them at auctions unless they have a clueless buyer lined up because they know they’re rolling the dice on DCT issues, engine issues, window regulators, water pumps, etc, etc. And now that VW also owns Porsche, my Cayman and 911 both had various electrical issues similar to VW & Audi. I pretty much stay away from the entire VW group these days. Even BMW’s seem reliable by comparison (note: BMW’s are NOT reliable either).

      • alexxx

        I really don’t know about US but golf is bestseller in EU by far…

        • SteersUright

          Its a shame really. I love the Golf family (reliability aside). I think they’re so much nicer than a comparable Jetta, Corolla, Civic, etc. Hatchbacks simply dont do great here. I never understand why. The small sedans are less practical and uglier, for me at least.

          • alexxx

            Well apparently you Americans don’t like small cars… your bestsellers are pickups…

          • Damian Yang

            F. I’d love the new Golf to be my new car though

  • Elpatore

    That interior is very nice

  • Gustavo Pereira
  • wait a minute

    Glass screens have changed the design of car interiors everywhere. Only a matter of time the new golf got the glass screen interior. Outside not so much. Not surprised they did what they did to the headlights. What’s the alternative …keep them the same as before?

  • Dredd2

    ugly and booring. looks like a cheap chinese tuktuk.

  • Donald Ducko

    BORING. Now slap some big grill on it and sell an Audi version. VW is so predicable at this point. Honestly this car hasn’t been hot for a long time. People have this idea it’s desirable and cool. It isn’t.

    • Robert

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • McFly

      Who thinks VW are “desirable and cool”?
      Were I come from people buy VW because they are functionalistic, feel solid and express design heritage rather than trends.

  • getoffme

    As DULL as it gets. Volkswagen.

  • Enter Ranting

    No to all of it.

  • MarkoS

    A safe evolution for sure, but not bad at all for the base car. Like the interior. Now lets see it in GTI and R form.

  • marc wsm

    Dull and boring like everything else vw produce

  • Jason Panamera

    I love it. Interior seems improved comparing to current generation.

  • DJA

    I think it’ll be unreliable and expensive to fix after warranty period. It’ll just be unreliable during warranty period.

    • SteersUright

      hmmm…i was wondering what you think?

    • Daryl O

      As an “only-VW” owner my entire life, I hate to say it but this statement is accurate. BRB, gotta go bring my 2017 GTI to the shop before the 36K warranty expires….

  • Thegunof42 88’s

    White good.

  • Steve L

    No electric version so a complete waste.

    • Six Thousand Times


  • bryceee

    Why the Corolla headlights?

  • Six Thousand Times

    Looks like a Golf. VW know who they are and what they’re doing.

  • SteersUright

    So basically its the current Golf on the outside which itself, was just like the prior Golf which itself, was much like the prior Golf…
    Basically they slapped some really ugly headlights onto the same exterior and then spent most of the development bucks on the interior which, for the record does look really good.


    old people must be very excited about this new bold and striking design…”duuuuude! check this out it would look wild in front of the nursing home”

    • bechrbotmdolr

      Yeah! remember that in 30 years

    • carlbolt

      Bold and striking design doesn’t age well. Normally becomes hideous in second look.

  • Bash

    Looks decent, no crazy facia or dramatic headlights, the dash is fresh and cool, plus a manual. Nothing to hate. I love it.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Golf Vanette. The dream of every Uber driver (after the Prius)

  • Paul McMahon

    Excited for Oct. 28. The Golf 7.5 had some nice changes but waiting to see what the Mk8 looks like in the metal. Can’t beat a Golf, classic, strong design with no over the top styling of a French car with no substance or overly sporty and gaudy looks like a Honda Civic. A proper car that’s easy to drive and doesn’t look like a joke on four wheels.

    • carlbolt

      It’s Oct. 24.

    • Kyle Newberry

      So you mean a Mazda3?

  • Daryl O

    I’m sorry but those headlights are hideous. The MK7 (and 7.5) headlights are much better. It’s like they attempted to copy BMW 3-series lights and slap them on a Golf, but it didn’t work out. The scallop shaping on the bottom doesn’t look good either 🙁

  • Ethan

    Any color but white please.

  • Diggy Dave

    BORNING! VW losing it me thinks

  • man


  • TheBelltower

    2003 called, Chris Bangle wants his headlights back.

  • DaruniaG

    Interior looks great

  • carlbolt

    It looks like a Golf, it drives like a Golf, it must be a Golf.

  • carlbolt

    In this case, the round lid over the central dash is useless, why not to get rid off it to give it a cleaner look?

  • enthusia

    I was kinda excited for this, but it looks kinda underwhelming. Typical Volkswagen. But the interior looks great! I think that’s one thing VAG understands, they’ve been absolutely nailing the interiors on nearly every car across all brands in their portfolio.

  • MP

    Hideous front end

  • C Noi

    Love the interior, what’s new about exterior?no need to hide

  • KellyVanRijn

    Headlights are awful.

  • Damian Yang

    what’s Apply car play lol

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