Europe’s 2020 Toyota Yaris Shows Its All-New Face Ahead Of Imminent Debut

Toyota is about to reveal the new Yaris subcompact model for the European and Asian markets -also known as Vitz in Japan- but apparently, the first uncovered images have already surfaced online on a number of sites.

Not to be confused with North America’s Mazda2-based 2020 Yaris which is a completely separate model, the new Japanese hatchback is adopting Toyota’s latest and more emotional design language, following the same path of the C-HR and Corolla models. The front end looks smart and aggressive while the rear stands out thanks to its characteristic taillights that are connected via an LED strip.

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This is also the first Yaris model to be based on Toyota’s TNGA architecture, and more specifically on the GA-B platform. The Japanese car maker has already advertised the benefits of the Yaris’ new underpinnings, which include a much more rigid underbody, lower center of gravity and some pretty clever packaging.

Much like the new Corolla, Toyota’s new Ford Fiesta rival aims to offer a more engaging driving experience that will further set it apart from its predecessors. We’ve already spotted a colorfully camouflaged prototype of the sportier GR variant lapping the Nurburgring, which should indicate Toyota’s new intentions for the Yaris.

Of course, being a modern Toyota also means that the new Yaris will also come in at least one hybrid flavor, with reports talking about an electrified 1.5-liter powertrain with around 115 HP, which is 16 HP more than the current Yaris Hybrid.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the new Toyota Yaris/Vitz, which is expected to make its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.


2020 Toyota Yaris live images via Newsauto, Autonetmagz, Uzone

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  • Ben

    I’m not gonna lie, I do like the color. Just not the vehicle.

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Wow compared to the boring old designs this looks amazing

  • Frase

    Lack the sharp grace of the Corolla, but it isn’t nearly as dull as the last one. Still, compared to the Clio, the 208, the Fiesta, it just doesn’t float my boat.

    • J-Triumf

      I think this looks way better than the disappointing 208 design, but on par with the Clio and for sure not as stylish as the new Fiesta.

      • Matt

        ‘On par’ with the Clio? No way, this does not look anywhere near as ‘premium’ as the Clio – or 208 for that matter. It just looks a bit too tacky.

        • J-Triumf

          The Clio looks decent but feels it’s missing something, this new Yaris is also imperfect but decidedly less boring. The new 208 design, meanwhile, is all kinds of generic and bland and a huge step backwards from both the other cars mentioned and the previous 208.

        • designer_dick

          I wouldn’t go so far as to call it tacky, but it does seem to go to great lengths to avoid the sense of self-restraint and bland good taste that a lot of European cars seem to embody. It’s certainly distinctive.

  • Bananarama

    I enjoy how wacky it is. Love the rear, just not sure about the front. Definitely not bland.

    A little worried about how a non-sport/high end trim model will look.

  • Rimas Kurtinaitis

    A hideous egg. The colour has a Sepang Blue-like thing, though.

  • Arct1c

    Honestly, I don’t hate it. I think that bumper in the grille would be better if it were color matched to the paint instead of being blacked out. It would help “shrink” the look of the grille a bit. I know big grilles are the trend, but I think it’s too big for a car this size.

  • J-Triumf

    Needs more photos, but it looks better than I thought it would. Now if only Toyota would bring it to the US, it’d be much better than the fugly Mazda Yaris.

    • Dude

      I agree, though the Mazda version does have excellent handling

      • J-Triumf

        I just hate how needlessly front-long and cab-rearward Mazda’s current designs are, they just look so janky and misproportioned, and it pains me to see so many people praise them for that. This new Yaris isn’t perfect but is much more pleasing to the eye in comparison.

  • Okay.. im gonna wait for more photos but I like the front-end so far.

  • Dude

    Looks great even with this limited view

  • alexxx

    Very very nice…Toyota is making some nice designs lately…

  • DanSemering

    I had the 2008 model ..I’m at 120 000 km and I just changed the old and some lights. It’s ugly …but it does the job.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Doesn’t look too bad for a Yaris! Now a GRMN version of this would be pretty rad

  • Bob

    It looks pretty good and can’t believe how accurate some impressions were out of Japan long before…

    I’m keen on the dimensions to see if it’s grown at all. Looks same size. Also engine line up as I’m expecting all new line up considering in Australia we are using basically 15 plus year engines

    Interior design is so so… a smaller Corolla design (more horizontal layout) would have been better but it’s not a wide car I guess

  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Why do they always get the Yaris interior so wrong ? The outside is amazing yet the interior is so bland

    • :/ Yurr

      It looks okay for it to be an inexpensive car. Every car interior isnt gonna be luxurious.

  • Wow, that looks cool!

  • Paul

    That face looks like it just sucked a lemon dry!

  • MarketAndChurch

    I absolutely love it, but almost every car in this segment in Europe looks really good too. Very nice.

  • Six Thousand Times

    It looks a little like a fish. It’s nor bad, though.

  • ThatGuy

    It look decent, hope the interior is good though, the poor Yaris has had a plain flat one compared to a polo.
    Good cars though

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