For $850,000, This Awesome BvS Batmobile Replica Could Be Yours

If you’ve got 55 million ruble laying around, or roughly $850k, you can land yourself one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, the Batmobile; a fully functioning one too.

The car is currently on sale on as a used model with 120 km (74 miles) on its 5.0-liter gasoline engine, which also produces 502 HP according to the ad. As for the design, it’s straight out of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman movie.

Power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels with the aid of an automatic gearbox, because we can’t have the Bat focusing on shifting gears while fighting bad guys, right?

As for features, it has a detachable steering wheel, automatic doors that go up or down electrically and armored windows, in case its owner ever decides to try out that vigilante lifestyle – which we don’t recommend.

It also comes with a night vision camera, thermal imaging with 255x zoom, laser sight and fake machine guns at the front that “simulate shooting”.

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That’s not all though. In fact, this Batmobile is packed full of convenience features such as sports seats, ambient lighting, Alcantara, AUX and USB ports, sat-nav, Android Auto, Bluetooth, power steering, keyless access and a climate control system. It even has Bi-Xenon headlights.

While we can’t go as far as to say that the car is actually worth $850,000, the specs are definitely impressive and visually, it looks a lot better than most, if not all Batmobile replicas out there.


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  • Ben

    Outside of nostalgia, the best Batmobile was featured in the Arkham Knight video game. The ability to crabwalk while turning into a light tank was incredible. After that, I’d say the Tumbler.

    • Mr. EP9

      Definitely but we’d never see one of those built and function like that. Shame.

    • Vassilis

      For me the best was the one from the Keaton Batmans.

  • db

    Now that would be a ride to show up in at your high school reunion, having Catwoman with you would be over the top…

  • Mr. EP9

    This Batmobile was probably the only real good thing that came out from Batman v Superman which isn’t saying much considering how lackluster that movie was.

    • donald seymour

      Their conflict wasn’t even real.

      • Bash

        Yeah and how it all sorted out; the reason, the way, his mom name/my mom name.. lol. jokes aside, BvS was kinda lame. nice movie but kinda lame.

        • Big Black Duck

          I loved the movie .. for me it was the most emotional scene

  • SteersUright

    I love neat projects like this. Somebody had a total blast with their money.

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