Ford’s Mustang-Inspired Electric Crossover Will Hopefully Look Like This

Ford’s long-awaited Mustang-inspired electric crossover will be revealed to the world on November 17.

Rumored to wear the Mach E or Mach 1 designation, the EV has been partly revealed in a recent set of CAD screenshots, providing rendering artists with a golden opportunity to imagine what the finished item will look like. Probably the most accurate and high-quality renderings come from the Mach E forum, and you can see them in the gallery below.

Actually, they’ve released just one rendering – in three different paints that seem to be taken from the Mustang’s color palette. We really like what we see here and we believe you’ll do too, especially since these is not just the product of an optimistic fan’s imagination.

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What you’re looking at is a rendering based on the recently leaked CAD screenshots as well as the teaser images released by Ford, so chances are the end product will look a lot like this.

Among the Mustang-inspired styling cues we can notice the headlights, bulged haunches, creased hood, and the sloping roofline. Despite being significantly taller and bulkier, the Mach E looks athletic and similar to a performance crossover. The fact that it’s all-electric is made obvious by the closed-off grille, although there are some discreet air vents at both sides of the grille and on the front bumper.

Besides the looks, Ford also promises the EV will share some of the Mustang’s dynamics too. Based on a new EV-only architecture, the crossover will reportedly offer both RWD and AWD versions with different power levels. The automaker says the Mach E will offer a driving range of 300 miles (EPA) or 370 miles (600 km) on the WLTP cycle.

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  • Mutlu Şimşek

    poor, helpless ford.. trying hard not to be buried in automotive history…

    • ChicagoBlah

      considering they’ve been around for over 100 years guess they are managing pretty good

  • ChicagoBlah

    Expect they will end up using the blue oval logo but this looks legit if those cad renders are any true. Looks better than the model 3, which is not saying much.

    • Ben

      I doubt it. They’re already not putting the Ford logo Mustangs the same way the Wrangler and Corvette don’t have brand emblems.

  • Bash

    With Chevy introduced us with the Camaro inspired new blazer, Ford has to answer with Mustand inspired vehicle; only this time it has to be an EV. are you reading this Dodge?

    • Ben

      Dodge enters the game with a 2000hp, AWD six seater powered by lump charcoal. The fans go wild.

      • MRPRCAT


    • 85ZingoGTR

      Give up on Dodge. Their clock is ticking. The writing is on the wall when they killed the Caravan, moved all the trucks over to Ram, and are letting their current lineup linger. The same can be said about the Chrysler division. It seems to me FCAs priorities are not in keeping these two brands alive.

      • Ben

        What are you talking about? Dodge is doing well, all considered. It still shocks me when people have these sweeping statements about a brand without pointing to any market data or any knowledge what’s the brand’s plan for future developments.

        People said the same thing about KIA/Hyundai. Years ago they were absolute junk and now they’re decent vehicles. The same goes for Lincoln. People dumped on them(including myself) for not developing anything new or saying Cadillac was blowing them out of the water. In that short time since, look at how Lincoln has turned their brand around.

        • db

          I hope you’re right but I suspect you might be wrong, especially with the talk of merging with PSA. We all know how beancounters are not emotionally blessed nor are they “car guys”. It can’t be cheap carrying brands when they are really producing but OTOH it would be dumb to throw away brand recognition that has lasted for almost a century.

          I bet there must be some er, animated discussions going on in some of these boardrooms.

          • Ben

            I really appreciate what Dodge has been doing so far with staying firm in their heritage. They’ve kept the manual option available, they’ve given us the V8s that we clamor for and the retro/big power enthusiast love.

            I’ve long praised Toyota for keeping the 4Runner an SUV(body on frame/rugged). Even though FCA have built unibody SUVs they’re still putting V8s in them and even supercharging them for the enthusiast. That’s something I think we all can love, but you’re right, the more “analyst” that come in with the merger can be a wet towel for the brand.

            From what I understand so far, the merger is supposedly 50/50 so hopefully Dodge doesn’t get neutered in any sense.

        • 85ZingoGTR

          Hyundai/KIA was new to the US market. It was a bit of a learning curve for them but with years of trial and error they became a major player with Toyota and Honda. As for Lincoln, what they are doing is realizing they will never be like the Germans (you hear that Cadillac?) so they are returning to what they were good at. American luxury boats. With the new Aviator and Corsair, time will tell for them but it seems that Aviator is a starting off to be a hot seller for them. I hope they do well as I am one of those types that prefer the American luxury boat over the German money pits and long miss the days of the Town Car and Brougham. Hopefully Cadillac will do the same as Lincoln but they seem hell bent on trying to out German the Germans.

          As for Dodge, the reason I said what I said is because I see a complete lack of motivation to develop anything over there. I see new products from Jeep and Ram no problem. But Dodges lineup has been lingering with nothing but minor upgrades to their current lineup. We have no news on a new Journey which is already 10 years old. No news on a new Durango but we do have news on a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. All sedans were axed on both Chrysler and Dodge with the exception of the Chrysler LX platform cars which are also lingering with only minor changes. Caravan given the axe where the minivan was a strong seller for the Dodge brand (which I think was an incredibly dumb move. This would be like if Toyota axed the Corolla). All trucks including work vans moved over to Ram. Viper for what little it was worth moved over to SRT. IDK man. More emphasis was given to Alfa Romeo and stupid FIAT than these two brands while the other two were being stripped of their resources. I just don’t see FCA caring for these two brands anymore. And once Peugeot gets involved, the same will continue. They will be more interested in getting Peugeot revived in the states than cater to these two dying brands.

          • Ben

            I wouldn’t say Hyundai/KIA was new to the US market, but relatively to Ford’s tenure I suppose that’s true. However, you have to admit there really wasn’t an iterative evolution, there was a hyper leap in Hyundai/KIA quality and design after years of stagnant design and performance. I also don’t remember Lincoln trying to monkey their German peers (albeit the naming structure). They were left in the dust compared to the innovations and upgrades Ford was getting.

            I understand the want for something new, but there is a cost with “all-new”. Look how many recalls we’re seeing with all-new vehicles, it really has become expected. I’d rather have a slightly outdated platform, that a manufacture is timely updating rather than something all new and plagued with problems. Nobody is getting inside of a Charger/Challenger and complaining about the ride quality. Who cares if the platform design is old, it works!

            Toyota 4Runner hasn’t been all-new since 2010 and each year has sold more than the last. The Toyota is the last body on frame SUV in its segment and Durango is the last SUV in its segment to have a V8(and until recently, the only one that was RWD based). As for axing the Caravan, you’re dead right. That’s a bone head move and foolish. But lets not like them axing the Dart was cutting a sales leader either.

          • 85ZingoGTR

            People say Hyundais quality was bad in the 90s but I had a 96 Accent in my college days. Sure the interior materials left alot to be desired but I bought the car from my uncle with 112k miles and my uncle didn’t do any damn maintenance to it. Had the engine flushed and timing belt replaced and the car ran like new after that without a single issue other than the door handle breaking in my hand. Picked one up from a junkyard for $3.

    • ErnieB

      Though this looks leagues better than the blazer

    • SgtBeavis

      At least this might look good. The Blazer, not so much..

      As for Dodge, they’re more likely to get a rebadged Peugeot at this point.

      • Classic Bob

        Which may look better than either of these..

  • benT

    It’s a KIA / Hyundai with Mustang symbols stuck to its arce.

    • Karl

      What is your point?

      • benT

        It’s a KIA / Hyundai with Mustang symbols stuck to its arce.

        • LJ

          You forgot to mention it’s also attractive.

          • benT

            It’s not.

          • LJ

            Based on your avatar, I don’t think you should be judging what is and isn’t attractive.

          • benT

            Thanks, I try and appreciate…..
            I can fix by having a wash.
            but, what are you going to do with that empty skull?????

            Based on YOUR avatar I’d say your 2/5ths of a pixel value .

        • Karl

          And you are just a troll looking for some attention and company!

      • benT


    • LJ

      Which specific Ford SUVs were badge-engineered Nissans?

      • benT

        utility AWD early 2000s and back into 90s.

        • LJ

          Right… which specific models?

  • Rocket

    By far the best renderings we’ve seen. I hope they’re relatively accurate.

  • Kannag Don Amenra

    Audi-eqsue front?

    • SgtBeavis

      yea, I can see that a bit. Not that I care.

  • db

    Seems like a waste to just put a piece of bodywork over where the front grill used to be. If I may suggest an option that can be used on jerks who squat in left lanes slowing things down.

    • 85ZingoGTR

      That dude needs a tic tac. They should make a tic tac commercial with Godzilla.

    • benT

      Uncle Vincenzo chili mussels do wonderful things…………

  • 85ZingoGTR

    Much rather this than a Tesla Model X. Atleast this thing has a chance of having decent build quality.

    • Julien Lachemoi

      Ford is known for decent build quality ?

      • 85ZingoGTR

        Actually yes. Many times before the MyFord Touch ordeal they were on par with Toyota in reliability. Meanwhile Tesla on the other hand, can’t even get their paint finish right.

        • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

          You must not have see the earlier article about the botched launch of the Ford Explorer, then. And that was due to “Quality issues…”

          • 85ZingoGTR

            Hey buddy. Nobody cares about the “botched launch.” Because Ford is charging an insane premium for the new Explorer and yet people are taking them up like hot cakes.

        • Julien Lachemoi

          Quality and reliability are 2 different factors.

    • Smith

      At least it would have an interior and maybe an exterior worth looking at. And it would definitely be around $40,000 as opposed to the low end Tesla 3 at $70,000

      • James Denz

        The high end Tesla Model 3 is well under $70,000.00. The low end one is just over $35,000.00 with tax credit.

  • ErnieB

    This is nice.

  • Toronado_II

    I immediately thought about Blazer at the look of the picture.

    • ErnieB

      No. Not even remotely close.

      • Toronado_II

        This aim at the same sport SUV crowd…

        • ErnieB

          Well, yeah 😀

  • Ryan

    Looks like it has a healthy dose of Levante.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I don’t want that Mustang badge on it. I don’t care how nice it could be, it’s not a Mustang. Stop it.

    • ErnieB

      I 100% agree with this! That badge is sacred and using it on anything but a mustang is blasphemous!

    • Smith

      Do you really think they would produce this and who really gives a sh!t.

  • exeptor


  • Bo Hanan
  • ME

    I like it. Bob Putz Lutz went further and called out Ms. Mary T. Barra to make a Corvette SUV.

  • Smith

    Ford Urus, how original. Oh, no it isn’t it has already been done by Lamborghini. This is bland and ugly..

  • Wandering_Spirit

    A reminder to Ford that April’s Fool Day is, well, in April

    • benT

      This is Ford’s Foolish October period.

  • Alexandro Pietro is not a Mustang!

  • Astonman

    Really like the design! Looks sporty and aggressive.

  • benT

    a lot of jacking going on at Ford these days.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Looks like a Tesla Model X, a Ford Edge, and a BMW X6 had a threesome. Well…it’s Mustang emblem-inspired, anyhow.

  • Alduin

    Oh wow its the new Escape with different front and rear ends..

    • :/ Yurr

      Exactly ?

  • MarketAndChurch

    That might not be a bad thing. One hopes that the next Mustang will look different from the current one, like we had from the 70’s through the late 2000’s.

  • Michael_66589

    Good. Just give it proper V6 engine.

    • rodriguez256

      Umm…. but it’s all electric.

  • LJ

    So what do Australian Fords from the 80’s have to do with this upcoming model, besides nothing?

    • benT

      Ford are cheap and they have demonstrable form.

      • LJ

        I applaud you trying to use a big word, even if it makes no sense in the context you’re using it.

        A for effort.

  • David

    Looks less alien than a Tesla Model X, I like it, keep like that Ford!

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