Is Tesla Readying A “Track Mode Package” Upgrade For The Model 3 Performance?

Tesla seems to be readying a series of mechanical upgrades to complement the ‘Track Mode’ in the Model 3 Performance.

A parts catalog picked by a user on Reddit indicates that Tesla will offer a ‘Track Mode Package’ for the Model 3 Performance that includes new tires, revised brakes and… a carbon fiber wheel cap.

The parts catalog reveals that Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires measuring 245/35 ZR20 at all four corners will be included in the Track Mode Package, and are said to be the same ones used by the new Tesla Roadster prototype and the Model S Plaid prototypes that are testing at the Nurburgring. As for the new brake pads, it doesn’t appear as though they will be complemented with larger discs or calipers.

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The current Track Mode available at a press of the Model 3 Performance’s touchscreen does a remarkable job of amping up the car’s abilities through the corners and bumping up its regenerative braking capability at the same time. Electrek reports that some owners have complained about the brake pads quickly showing signs of fade when the car is driven hard on a track, although in our experience, on the street they do the job just fine.

Nonetheless, we’re sure Tesla fans will be happy to know that some mechanical upgrades are on the way. It remains to be seen if they will be offered exclusively as a factory option or if current Model 3 Performance owners will be able to purchase them individually.

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  • Mr. EP9

    What about the battery and other software? Surely they put in fail safes to prevent it going into “limp home” mode like what happened to the Model S.

  • Smith

    Tesla and track mode are two things that can never be used in the same sentence, really, it’s a Tesla.

    • Nick Hebert

      Clueless comment.

    • HD

      It just beats the BMW M3 around the track, but okay. What is true though that the brakes are weak, so this is a very welcome upgrade for those that want to race their Model 3 around tracks.

  • robotlogic

    The Model 3 needs more than new pads, this 4000lb beast needs much bigger brakes rotors for track use. And maybe some 6 piston calipers too.

  • Jason Miller

    While I was struggling to run a low 14 at the drags last night, there were a couple Model 3’s putting down consistent mid 11’s like it was nothing. They make it look so easy. These things are also great for autocross. Definitely thinking of picking one up in the future.

  • Alduin

    Who cares? Is anyone else sick of Tesla article after Tesla article?

    • Bash


    • TheNovanglus

      Maybe if other car manufacturers would move on from making reheated leftovers there would be more stories about them.

      • Alduin

        Tesla isn’t an automaker they’re a software company.

  • HD

    Negligible environmental benefit? The electric vehicles are on the average 4 times more energy efficient than ICE’s. If you changed the whole worlds fleet we would use 1/4th of the energy for transportation as now. On top of that you can use clean energy for running electric vehicles which is not the case of ICE and then I haven’t even started talking about the 100 times less moving parts or the zero tailpipe emission.

  • Nick Hebert

    The P3+ can do Laguna Seca in 1:41, so you’re basically claiming the car is out of juice in 5 minutes there…o.0. There are plenty of videos of weekend P3+ racer’s spending over 30 minutes at a track on a single charge, which is plenty of fun to please most people. ZeroSport is a fine example. Add in high voltage fast chargers (which is expected as EV adoption takes over) and you’ve got minimal charging times to keep the fun going. The Model 3’s cooling system has shown easily adequate to maintain the battery performance at the track as well. The Plaid S is going to be a very capable track car.

    Surely you know racing is a place where cutting edge technologies get used and then trickle their way down to mass market. EV’s are merely in their infancy, ICE has a century under it’s belt. The day is coming when EV’s will out-perform the best of the best ICE has to offer as the tech is improving at a rate ICE could only dream of. Just take the HET motor from Linear Labs as one example of what’s in store for EV’s.

  • Jason Miller

    He said “the track” not “the Nurburgring”. There are thousands more circuits on this planet than just the Nurburging. And your weight argument is moot, Nissan GT-R says hello.

  • Jason Miller

    Why does everyone default to the Nurburgring for their arguments? Who cares?

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