Tesla Model S Returns To The Nurburgring With Some Wild Aero

As promised, Tesla has returned to the Nurburgring to continue development of its upcoming Model S Plaid while in the pursuit of a new electric sedan lap record.

Last month, Tesla triggered headlines around the world when it brought a pair of Model S Plaid prototypes to the German circuit in an effort to snatch away the electric sedan lap record from the Porsche Taycan. Additionally, it was a brilliant PR move from Tesla in order to ensure the Taycan didn’t dominate discussions in the world of electric vehicles.

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The two Model S prototypes snapped by our spy photographers at the track earlier this week benefit from a host of significant upgrades over all current production examples. Starting with the dark blue we can see that its nose is slightly different than the road-going Model S while there are also a set of flared wheel arches and a set of massive wheels and tires. Alterations continue at the sides where there are new air extracting vents behind the front wheel arches. Rounding out the modifications is a crazy rear diffuser and an enlarged trunklid spoiler.

The red prototype pictured is complete with the same modifications except for the diffuser.

It’s quite clear that Tesla is taking its Nurburgring testing very seriously and it seems inevitable that it will set some extremely fast laps. Last month, Tesla indicated a time of 7:05 could be in reach, approximately 15 seconds faster than the best lap reportedly recorded by a Model S Plaid prototype last month. With all the new aero, we wouldn’t be shocked to see the EV achieve that 7:05 lap, making it faster than supercars like the Nissan GT-R Nismo, Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package, and McLaren 600LT.

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Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

  • In ELON WE TRUST! By by Porsche…Gonna be the quickest four-door !

    • Zandit75

      When did you start drinking the coolaid??

      • I drink only water and pure juice. I’m vegan…

        • Zandit75

          Not unexpected.

        • benT

          potato is vodka in edible format.

      • benT

        Just after I downed a bottle of gin.

    • Dredd2

      its not too hard to run a better round with an absolutely non-saloon race car (wide slick race tires, wider body, race wings/diffs, gutted interior, cage, etc) , so its absolutely non relevant in fact.
      i guess the porsche can do a much better lap with that type of a race car version (than their preprod saloon).

  • HD

    Looks like a beast. I just don’t understand why they don’t focus on testing the Roadster. The Tesla Model S is a family sedan, it’s not supposed to be fast on race tracks.

    • Jason Miller

      They’ll learn a lot from this that will feed directly into the Roadster development.

    • Stephen G

      Family sedan “not supposed to be fast”(?). How do you feel about the Lamborghini station wagon then?

      • HD

        Lamborghini is a supercar producer, how is that relevant? Model S is simply a quick sedan, with optionally 7 seats. I would prefer if they focused on making it more comfortable.

        • Stephen G

          You’re OK with fast station wagons made by a “supercar producer” but not with Tesla making a fast 4 door sedan?


          • benT

            fast 4 door sedan
            The Tesla S is 5-door, 5-seat.

        • benT

          Models S doesn’t have 7 seat option here in Australia……….Model X or Y maybe.

      • Mr. EP9

        What station wagon? Lamborghini doesn’t make those.

      • benT

        or the Stupid SUV.

    • benT

      “Not supposed to be” mean’s what?
      That a Biscayne “supposed” to race in NASCAR? or a Camry?

  • willhaven

    Those wheels look fantastic

    • Dante71

      Looks like BBS FI style wheels (if not THE BBS FI). They look good on virtually any car !

  • performante

    Just give it up, Elon

  • HG504

    What are they proving exactly? Because we all know that the Model S’s they’ve been taking around are stripped out, have sticky tyres and diff body panels far from stock? Porsche could turn right back around and do the same and call it the Taycan Evo and do a sub 7 time. Absolutely pointless exercise.

    • Jason Miller

      Because this is what car manufactures have done since the car was invented. Pointless comment. 🙂

    • MarketAndChurch

      I think it’s a cool move on the part of Tesla.

  • Jason Miller

    The car looks amazing! Shaping up quite nice.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    All I can see is a race car.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I love it! Please build something more radical then this though, there’s a lot of people willing to drop $200k on a Model-S based luxury performance sedan.

    • wow what a stretch

    • europeon

      Somehow I think you’re onto something. There are a lot of morons people that spend over $100k for a car that has the interior of a $40k one.

  • Six_Tymes

    good luck to them! now don’t break down.

  • benT

    FFS EVERY make has “broken down” at the ‘ring..

  • cat

    Like Reiko Nagasae said in Rage Racer video game for play station one teach this sucker a lesson! (tesla) teach porsche a lesson!

  • Vassilis

    This is all very silly but the car does look badass.

  • Quinton

    That rear diffuser is insane in the best way possible.

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