Infiniti’s Key 2020 Models Getting New-Gen Infotainment System

Infiniti is bringing a new generation infotainment system to the market, aimed at 2020 models such as the Q50, Q60, QX50 and the flagship QX80 SUV.

According to the Japanese automaker, the new HD twin-screen InTouch system will improve the driving experience as well as connectivity, as you can now connect up to seven devices thanks to the Wi-Fi hotspot function.

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“Connectivity on the move is more important to drivers than ever – it allows them to keep up-to-date with the latest traffic information, while passengers can stream, surf, video call and more at their leisure. Having listened to feedback from our customers, we have vastly improved the system’s features, intuitive use and functionality,” said Infiniti exec Eric Rigaux.

“It was important for us to offer both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard in our new models to allow the majority of drivers to connect their smartphones to the car. The latest INFINITI InTouch with dual screens makes in-car connectivity easy and informative, meaning drivers and passengers can enjoy the benefits intuitively while driving.”

The new tech also allows for over-the-air updates, which include maps. The updated sat-nav system will also give drivers detailed real-time traffic information, dynamic rerouting based on live traffic conditions and “seamless turn-by-turn directions.”

Furthermore, models that feature Infiniti InTouch with Navigation also get 3D maps, Street and Satellite view imagery and Destinations by Google. Other improvements include a better interface powered by a faster processor, while the new Bluetooth module allows for easier pairing. Meanwhile, the new HD microphone can deliver better voice quality during calls and voice commands.

  • Arct1c

    I mean…at least they’re doing something…I guess.
    The problem I find with Infiniti is that they’re not producing vehicles that are appealing to customers through looks/design, comfort, performance, etc. For example: why does the Q50/60 still have an interior design that looks like a 2011 Sonata’s? There’s a reason they’ve been pulled from every country but the US and China, and I am sorry Infiniti fans (if there even are any): I don’t see Infiniti lasting much longer in these markets for that much longer if they don’t get their act together.

    • botornot387

      agreed. They are literally biting time off their SUV sales, but how much longer can that last. They are literally begging you to lease a QX50 here and the only reason you do is because the lease payment is equivalent to an upmarket mainstream brand. Probably whey they have watered the brand down so much and moved to using the nissan d platform for their models

      • Joe E

        Agree. The QX50 is a flop in what should be an easy segment. I’ve seen only two here in Los Angeles. If they can’t sell a crossover in a “crossover world,” something is fatally wrong.

        • Merc1



        • botornot387

          I have started to see more of them in San Diego, but they are all strpper models with the cheapest wheels which I have seen dealers getting drastic on and leasing in the $300 range with minimal out of pocket, if not lower. You cannot get any of the competitors for that money. Hell even Acura is doing well with the RDX and won’t lease one to you in that range anymore. They also built a better looking and driving vehicle. Infiniti is just a lost brand. It’a become a joke and survival of the fittest will surely put that to rest soon.

          • Joe E

            Wow the fact that they are not moving at those lease prices indicates a major problem. I think the QX50 styling and interior are fine, Infiniti stores are usually presentable, and with blowout leases like that…there has to be some sort of fatal error somewhere that is turning people off.

            Maybe it drives so poorly that even “normal” people (with wide latitudes for bad-driving vehicles) hate the way it drives? Or maybe people don’t initially consider the QX50 (because they don’t know about it), then they see an ad or a mention of it while car shopping online, and then immediately see the bad reviews (ala Edmunds long-term test) when they do some research that turns them off? It’s a bit of a mystery to me.

  • baofe

    I don’t think anyone cares anymore about manufacture GPS, no matter how pretty they look. Just give us a large widescreen, fast refresh rate, and apple carplay/ android auto.

    • Jerry Stigliano

      Not me, I still use my car’s built-in Nav over Android Auto any day. I don’t like dopey wires and all that nonsense taking over my screen. I don’t even have my phone with me all the time. To me, the true measure of a new cars’ electronics is how accurate and responsive the nav system is. And I won’t buy a car without it.

    • botornot387

      I think this depends on what you’re driving. When infotainment is done well, you use it. Case in point iDrive and MMI

      • ChicagoBlah

        doesnt idrive charge you for carplay?

        • botornot387

          Yes, and I will hold that against them. Also, they are not offering Android Auto which is a huge miss. Their inherent system works exceptionally well though

  • Six_Tymes

    I like that center stack layout, a lot. Nice work.

  • ctk4949

    Are they saying its going to the look the same as the current design?? Just with updated screen and guts?!?!?!

  • john1168

    It’s about time! Instead of two smaller screens, maybe they should use one large vertically mounted screen? I think it would look and fit better in the existing center stack.

  • Chris Van Der Merwe

    UI looks like straight out of the early 2000s. I have low expectations for this. If its decent, the next thing buyers need to deal with is poor quality and CVTs in a 55K car. No thanks.


    “new gen”

  • SteersUright

    Long overdue but not enough. The cars all need a thorough redo.

    • john1168

      Agreed. Hopefully we’ll see all new here in the next couple of years. The new Z along with a new Q 60 coming up makes me hopeful of an all new Q50 shortly after. They took waaaayyy too long.

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks like Infiniti is just upgrading the circuit board(s) with the upgraded CPU but keeps the same infotainment design intact!

  • pcurve

    Man, what happened to this brand

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