2020 Genesis GV80 Drops More Camo As Engine Lineup Confirmed

Additional spy shots of the Genesis GV80 have come across our desk, while we also learned that the first cars should arrive in North American dealerships towards the end of the second quarter of 2020.  [Updated 11/1/2019]

The wait for Genesis’ first SUV is almost over as we’re nearing the GV80’s world debut which will most likely happen at the LA Auto Show this month.

The fact that the launch is just around the corner is obvious in the new camouflage adopted by 2020 GV80 prototypes. One of them was spotted at the Nürburgring with a tight fit camouflage covering the final production body, giving us the best look yet at Korea’s upcoming premium midsize SUV.

Looking like a toned-down version of the GV80 Concept, the production model adopts very similar horizontal headlights and taillights consisting of two parallel elements. The proportions are similar to the namesake concept as well, albeit less athletic and more massive.

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The third lateral window is fully covered by camouflage tape but a closer look reveals a triangular outline reminiscent of the GV80 Concept. In these photos, the Genesis GV80 does not appear to be fully in its element negotiating the treacherous Nordschleife.

This should come as no surprise since we’re talking about a massive SUV that’s 4,945-mm (194.7-in) long, 1,975-mm (77.7-in) wide and 1,715-mm (67.5-in) high. Therefore, it will need powerful engines and the good news is it will get them.

Earlier this week, Genesis confirmed a lineup of three powertrains for GV80: turbocharged Smartstream G2.5 T-GDi 2.5-liter four-cylinder and Smartstream G3.5 T-GDi 3.5-liter V6 gasoline units, plus a Smartstream D3.0 3.0-liter straight-six diesel. The four-cylinder delivers 304 PS (300 HP) while the V6 produces 380 PS (375 HP). The diesel is said to offer 278 PS (274 HP) but it will probably not be available in the United States. A new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic will also be part of the lineup.

The 2020 Genesis GV80 is the first of three SUVs to be launched by the Korean luxury brand, including a compact GV70 and an unspecified model.

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Photo credits: CarPix for Carscoops

  • charlotteharry57

    Looks to be exactly the same size as the Palisade/Telluride, on which I’m sure it’s based. If the GV70 is based on the SantaFe/Sorento, I assume that the third one will be based on the Tucson, to compete with the XT4/Corsair, etc.

    • IFDU

      The GV70/80 are RWD SUVs. They are based on their sedan counterparts.

      The 3rd model is the GV90 which will be a full-size SUV. Not a subcompact model, although that may be in the works as well

      • JRP

        I am pretty sure there will be more SUVs afterwards. Like a GLA or GLC competitor (GV30 and GV50) and possibly even a compact or subcompact car inspired by the Mint concept.

        An Essentia is on it’s way too.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Genesis has stated that they won’t be using any existing FWD architecture for their upcoming vehicles. The GV70 and GV80 aren’t based on the Santa Fe/Palisade. They are dedicated RWD platforms shared with their sedan counterparts like IFDU said.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Nope, they’re only using bespoke platforms.

  • TrevP

    I think I am going to like this a lot.

  • kan hu


  • J. P.



    “Therefore, it will need powerful engines and the good news is it will get them.”


    • kan hu

      It is possible to increase power through tuning.

  • Kash

    This looks like its gonna be pretty good.

  • Bige Lee

    Genesis… why u no fat exhaust pipes anymore 🙁

    • kan hu

      Because the car of pics has diesel engine.

    • Six_Tymes

      why u no

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks more like a lifted station wagon.

    • Six_Tymes


  • Soul2Stinger

    “A new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic will also be part of the lineup.”

    Count me out.

  • Six_Tymes

    Going to put the hurt on lexus and infiniti, and others.

    • getoffme

      Infiniti yes, Lexus no.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    Too bad it doesn’t have a V8. My wife is looking to get an Aviator but she’s waiting to see what this turns out to be. She said if it’s an SUV version of the G90 then she’s getting that.

    • donald seymour

      You have a great wife whom is blessed with great taste. Cherish her always.

      • Stigasawuswrecks

        Always, especially since she let’s me be a spoiled brat and have all the cars I do. I thank God for her every day.

  • Bash

    I love it already.

  • :/ Yurr

    It’s nice but those are some big a.. rims

  • Bige Lee

    Hmmm… seems pretty fast around the corner.

  • Dennis Scipio

    what is so special about this car???

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