Ken Block’s Ford Escort RS Cosworth Destroyed By Fire After Rally Crash

Ken Block’s Ford Escort is no more, but thankfully both he and his co-driver got out without any injuries.

Elderly Man Mistakenly Hits Biker Who Then Enters Hulk Smash Mode

The PT Cruiser driver toppled over a biker who then went Hulk on him.

BMW Driver Fights Off Attackers By Hitting Them With His Car

The driver of the 3-Series was allegedly the one under attack and responded by using his car as a weapon.

Rider Has Very Close Call With Truck After Getting Hit From Behind

No, this didn’t take place on the set of the next Final Destination movie but in Australia.

Falling Boulder Crushes Car In Dashcam Footage From China

Everyone survived with non-life threatening injuries.

Car Flies Through Median Strip, Rolls Over In Front Of Dashcam Car

This was a very close call and it was fortuitous that the out of control car didn’t hit anyone else.

Dodge Daytona Drift Fail Ends Badly For A Ford Mustang

It’s almost as if these types of accidents require the presence of a Mustang.

Man Destroys New McLaren 720S Just One Day After He Purchased It

The 720S is a seriously fast machine, and its performance is too much to explore on public roads.

Here’s Why You Should Always Watch Your Back During Wet Conditions

This semi was unable to stop in time in order to avoid crashing into the car in front.

Audi Q7 Driver Flips Cyclist Inside Parking Garage

While parking structures can sometimes be tricky to navigate, there’s no excuse for running into something or someone.

High-Speed Arabian Drift Attempt Ends With Wheel Snapping Off

This type of accident is something Mustang drivers can aspire to for future Cars & Coffee fails.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Burns To A Crisp At A Gas Station In The US

A minivan drove off with the fuel hose still attached, spraying gasoline on the Huracan.