Florida Road Rage Incident Sparks Six-Car Crash, One Man Killed

A Chevrolet Suburban and Honda Civic were filmed repeatedly hitting each other in Florida.

Three Naked Women Lead Police On High-Speed Chase In Florida

The three women were caught naked in public by someone who called 911.

Tesla Sentry Mode Captures Former U.S. Judge Hitting Model 3 And Leaving The Scene

The Tesla Model 3 tracked down Willie Singletary and got his insurance details.

Watch Ford Focus Crash Into Pole While Trying To Avoid Kid Who Shot Into Traffic

The boy came within inches of being struck by the Ford Focus and could have been killed.

Car Violently Rolls Over After 100MPH Road Rage Incident

A Mini and a Mondeo got into a dangerous game at over 100 mph, and it’s a miracle that no one was even injured.

Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX-8 Crash While Leaving Cars And Coffee Event

The drivers of the two RWD Japanese sports cars tried to impress the crowds. It didn’t work.

Excuse This Trucker’s French As He Slams Into 18-Wheeler In Front Of Him

The driver had plenty of time to react to the slowing traffic ahead, but that wasn’t the case here.

Woman Crashes Lexus Through Cables And Gets Stuck Dangling Over Parking Garage

Luckily, the crossover got stuck and this prevented it from plummeting to the ground.

Watch Distracted BMW Driver Rear-End NYC HELP Truck Before Flipping Over

The high-speed accident took place on the Taconic State Parkway in NYC.

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk Watching This Truck Crash In Dallas

The driver of this truck reportedly fell asleep while behind the wheel on April 2.

Vigilante Fiat Punto Driver Chases Down Minibike Delinquent

The minibike rider was seriously injured after being hit by the Fiat supermini.

“Hell, Yeah!”: NYPD Officer Crashes Confiscated Bike, Crowd Cheers

The NYPD officer found the bike abandoned near an intersection and was supposed to take it to a local station.