Bertone’s Corvette-Based Mantide Is Looking For A New Home, Now Painted White

The Bertone Mantide may look horrible but at least it is fast with its Corvette ZR1 powertrain.

Alfa Romeo’s 1968 Carabo Concept Is Magnificent Even By Today’s Standards

The Carabo was designed by Bertone and will be on display in France this weekend.

Pristine 1988 Volvo 780 Coupe Blends Bertone Styling With Swedish Flair For €47,500

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1954 Arnolt-Bristol Bolide Roadster Is One Of Bertone’s Most Beautiful Creations

Based on a Bristol chassis, with a BMW engine and bespoke bodywork, it’s expected to fetch about $420k.

We Hope The New Stratos Looks More Like Bertone’s Lancia Stratos HF Zero Concept

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