Nikola Premiering ‘Two’ And Prototype ‘Tre’ EV And Hydrogen Semis In April

The Arizona-based truck maker is putting even more pressure on Tesla’s Semi with its two new trucks.

Nikola’s Tre Is A Hydrogen-Electric Semi Designed Specifically For Europe

The all-new Tre will offer up to 1,000 hp and a range of up to 745 miles.

Anheuser-Busch Orders 800 Hydrogen Trucks From Nikola Motor Company

This time around, the company decided to not go for the Tesla Semi and ordered its arch-rival’s truck instead.

Nikola Sues Tesla For Semi Patent Infringement, Seeks Damages Of More Than $2 Billion

Nikola says Tesla copied some of the design elements of the One.

U.S. Military Tests Nikola’s Brutal All-Electric UTV

The Nikola Zero is one scary-looking vehicle.

Nikola One Hydrogen Electric Semi Hits The Road In Official Film

Tesla may have overshadowed the Nikola One with their electric Semi unveiled…

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Bosch has announced a partnership with Nikola Motor to bring the start-up’s…

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It may look like a crossover SUV, but you can’t exactly take…

Nikola Previews The Interior Of Its Hydrogen Truck

Nikola has just released a number of renderings that reveal the sleeper…

Nikola One Hydrogen-Electric Semi Unveiled With 1,000HP And Up To 1,200 Miles Range

Following a change of plans earlier this year, during which it was…

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Start-up Nikola Motor Company has unveiled its first production model in the…

Nikola Motor Drops Plans For Battery-Powered Truck, Will Use Hydrogen Instead

Do you remember Nikola Motor and their innovative 18-wheeler One Concept? Why,…