Nikola One Hydrogen-Electric Semi Unveiled With 1,000HP And Up To 1,200 Miles Range

Following a change of plans earlier this year, during which it was decided to use hydrogen power instead of a natural gas range extender for propulsion, the Nikola One has been presented in the flesh.

Unveiled during an invite-only event, in front of more than 600 members of the media, government representatives, industry partners and customers, at the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, the semi-truck is said to cover between 800 and 1,200 miles (1,287-1,931 km), which is less than the previous number announced of “over 1,200 miles”.

The range is nevertheless impressive for a truck that tips the scales at 18,000-21,000 (8,165-9,525 kg), and so is the output – 1,000 HP and 2,000 lb-ft (2,712 Nm) of torque, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 30 seconds under load, or half the time needed for a diesel-powered semi. Responsible for feeding the electric motors is a 320-kWh lithium-ion battery, which is incorporated into the frame rail.

Nikola Motor’s ambitions might have dropped a bit from the initial announcement, but they seem to stick to the plan that gives customers unlimited miles and free hydrogen fuel, as part of a special leasing program. This sees prospective buyers, paying a monthly lease between $5,000 and $7,000 (for 72 months) for the One, depending on the specified trim, which allows them to trade it in at the end of the program, or 1,000,000 miles (1,609,344 km), whichever comes first, without being charged.

However, before seeing the first examples of the hydrogen-electric semi on the road, Nikola Motor still have to open a factory, whose location is to be determined in the first half of 2017. Additionally, the small company also plans to begin the construction of 364 hydrogen stations from January 2018, in the US and Canada, which will be responsible for providing the free fuel for the first 1,000,000 million miles for any of the trucks in the ‘Complete Leasing Program’.

Rounding up the list of announcements is a more affordable version of the One, dubbed Nikola Two, which is in the works. The special leasing offering is available for both models.



  • Adnan Cehic

    Vaporware much? This all sounds like a concept company put together by a team of undergrads.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      I want to call you a moron because of your comment, but I won’t.

      • gary4205

        Do you know what it would take to put together a hydrogen infrastructure to feed these trucks? Never mind that hydrogen production is one of the most insanely inefficiently uses of energy ever devised.

        The only people interested in this vaporware are “climate change” scammers and corrupt politicians, who were well in attendance at this dog and pony show.

        • Big Black Duck

          you forgot to say go Trump!

        • Silimarina

          O please tell us more how inefficient is the hydrogen production compared to the oil and gas production, especially to the tar sands/oil sands.Maybe you can give us some facts, not just some empty words.You know that there are gas stations that already sell hydrogen.

          Climate change scammers?Yeah those pesky scientists trying to help humanity to move to a better future.F**k them and all the data that proves climate change.F**k all those coastal cities that are in danger to the sea water rising.Florida’s already problem with rising sea water is just a myth, an optical illusion.The fast dying of the coral reefs and the growing oceans acidity, that will kill the phytoplankton, the nr.1 producer of oxygen (about 60-70%) it’s just a concoction of a evil scientist.Oh and Obama, don’t forget Obama.
          So let’s just believe all the “non corrupt” politicians( the majority republicans) and the small percentage (600k$, Ted Cruz -> $1m, Donald Trump ->500k$ etc. And “scientist” like Willie Soon $1.25 m

          • RODS454


          • Silimarina

            We know that you are.But hey, don’t be sad! You are not the only one.There are milions like you.You were just not lucky in the smart gene department.I’m sure you have other talents.Like shooting your guns, chewing tobacco etc.

    • Big Black Duck

      he is your $2 cheque from Exxon…

  • i hope to see this in production fast !!!

  • Zandit75

    This would be better used for a new version of “The Highwayman”!!

  • Big Black Duck

    Companies like this makes me look forward to the future! … GOOD LUCK TO THEM!!

  • PAn

    words, words, words…and I don’t like the speakers in shirtsleeves

  • Vassilis

    Nikola as in Tesla?

  • Jermano

    All is not well when you consider the Political side of this. You are up against the Oil and Coal Billionaires, who own you. Who do you think owns the Federal Reserve, Big Business? The Rothchilds, Rockfeller, Trilateral Commission, the Free Masons, who Trump is. They have no interest in this unless they own it. Now consider these mother fuckers are the people who did 911, in which I saw happen that day driving truck into NYC. The idea you are going to bring this good stuff, to help the fuckers who have caused 911, the lies of War through the years, to benefit them as they get away with Murder, is a daunting and frightening thought. I say this is going no where until our US Justice System actually brings Justice and works. And Trump is not the guy who will bring it. I can tell you right now I have the machine that makes Hydrogen pollution free at zero cost that is better than Solar and Wind Power, and is not nuclear, and know it is senseless to bring forward when in fact the US in reality has been hijacked years before 911 happened, while it benefits them to get away with murder, lies, extortion, the crashing of the economy, losing your home, and putting up with Bullshit elections as we have seen. Good Luck, doesn’t mean a thing until we are free from the System that has caused our pain. Put the fuckers in Jail who really did 911, who did the torture, you sent us off to lying Wars. Or be a dufus Trucking Company that rides around with logo’s on your trailers saying Support Our Troops, or Hire a Vet.

    • Status

      The Saudi’s and their theocracy were responsible for 9/11.

      Have an old man convince a downtrodden young man to do something horrible in the name of piety to lift himself out of the swamp of his existence, and you get organized religion…and with that, you can do anything.

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