This Google Maps Picture is Definitely Not What it Looks Like…

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but we also know that looks can be deceiving, which is certainly the case with this Google Maps image from Dukes Highway in Keith, South Australia, that was discovered by Reddit forum member Corncorn01. In the original screenshot, which was eventually smudged out by Google Maps employees, we see an Australian couple purportedly having a very…intimate moment on the bonnet of their silver-colored E46 BMW 3-Series Coupe, with the man drinking a beer and the young woman cheerfully waiving at the camera-car. What actually happened is that their Moment of Zen was theatrically staged, as the couple had noticed the Google Maps car while driving on the road and quickly decided to speed up and…photobomb the camera! Check out the scene for yourself in the interactive Google Maps right below the break.
Photo Credits: Hypervocal via Autoblog-nl