The Ultimate Barn Find: Chevrolet Dealership Is Unearthed Decades After It Was Locked Up

This has to be one of the most improbable barn find in years: a former Chevrolet dealership from Nebraska that had been locked for decades has been opened so that employees of an auction company could assess the inventory. Their surprise couldn’t have been greater: among the 500 vehicles that formed Lambrecht Chevrolet’s inventory were 50 “brand new” cars, such as a 1956 Chevrolet Cameo pickup truck with only 1 mile on the odometer, a 1964 Chevrolet Impala with 4 miles, a 1978 Corvette with 4 miles, a 1960s Chevrolet Corvair with 17 miles and many more. All these cars still have their window stickers and plastic on the seats, so there’s a good chance they will regain their brand new look once the dust is removed and a mechanical check is done (provided that rust hasn’t crept into the bodywork). Besides the low-mileage cars, there are also many used ones and tons of parts, advertising posters, even a pedal car. If you’re interested in any of these you have to know the auction will take place on September 28 – 29 in Pierce, Nebraska. According to Jeannie Lambrecht Stillwell, the daughter of the dealership’s founder, the decision to sell wasn’t an easy one for her parents, as the cars represent “a lifetime of hard work, tears, and joy.” Scroll down to watch the VanDerBrink Auction people open the dealership and take a walk through the Lambrecht’s garage. By Dan Mihalascu


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  • Auctioneers Suck

    Too bad they had a bunch of hack auctioneers handling these rare vehicles.

  • holy cow

  • Lathan Kraft

    im only about an hour away from where they found these. ive been to the town several times and never new these existed. i really hope i can grab something from this awesome collection.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’d really recommend watching the video with the sound off. That woman’s voice really grates.

  • XFX

    For an American car that corvette looks superb.

  • aaronbbrown

    The Corvette still has the seat plastic, paper floor coverings and steering wheel wrap straight from the factory. It was never processed at a dealership, that’s very unusual, I’ve never seen that before.

    I don’t understand how all those cars can sit in a building on a public street with Windows like that for so long and no one notice, or steal one.

    • Chris Krause

      Most around here know and or have tried to buy from the family but they are a lot on the weird side. Out at the farm place you can see hundreds of cars sitting in the trees just rusting away. I’ve been out there three or four time and have been run off

    • Mark

      Ain’t small towns great?

  • Chris Krause

    There’s a 57 or 56 chevy about 3/4 up their driveway that is sitting in the mud up to the doors has a tree growing through it that has less than 100 miles on it chevelle ss in an old shed very low miles water has drilled a hole through it its sad the few family members that I have seen are slobs it is truly sad that they let all these fine automobiles rust away for so long

  • Shutupyouruineverything

    God damn…I had to stop watching because that bitch wouldn’t shut up

  • Jena

    My dad has a custom built 1949 Lincoln Continental for sale that we plan to bring there to adverstise it. It has a modified 455 Buick Engine, 400 transmission. Custom made engine parts. Stainless Exhaust Pipes. Z-28 Cameo, Air ride. Power Disk Brakes. Chrome Suspension. Paint is sapphire, violet purple, including other colors. Vehicle is high tech engineered with flame throwers & air brushing. Christian themed. Suicide doors and chop top 6″ If interested please email [email protected]

  • Ron Crump

    Barrett Jackson
    should get all of these cars not some

    local company

  • Brian

    That broad is so annoying

  • cozappz

    So these people had several thousands of $$$ buried in the dealership and they did not give a s**t about it?

  • Guest

    The interiors look gorgeous.