Customized Aussie 1978 Ford XC Falcon Coupe LHD for Sale in California

Since we touched the subject of rare left-hand drive (LHD) Australian cars available for sale earlier today with the 550hp-strong 2003 Holden Ute SS V8, we thought we’d tell you about one more LHD car from Down Under that we found while lurking the interwebs. This one is a dramatically customized version of the last Ford Falcon Coupe from the late 1970s, but before you check out your credit score and bank account, let us save you the hassle and tell you that, while it’s conveniently located (for Americans) in California, it’s priced at “$165,000 or best offer”. The shell and parts of the interior are from a 1978 Falcon XC Coupe, which were modified and positioned on top of a custom tubular chassis, with power coming from a 351 Cleveland V8 stroked to 393 cubic inches or 6.4 liters, while the car rides on a bespoke air suspension. Yes, it’s not really a Falcon Coupe, but it does look like one. For more details, do check out the listing from the sellers at Classiccarmarketing below the break.

Seller’s Description: “Classic Car Marketing, Inc. Southern California’s premier marketing company is pleased to introduce this new listing offered for sale by one of our clients. This 1978 Ford XC Falcon from Australia, very much resembles the Ford Torino that Clint Eastwood recently brought back to fame here in the U.S., and as you can see, was built way, way, way over the top and then way over the top of that. It simply can’t get any more custom than this gorgeous automotive masterpiece… Building custom one off cars is nothing new for this world class builder. This custom Falcon has won just about everything from Street Machine of the Year to being the feature car at SEMA. The car is known as “XC” and in my book the XC must mean Xtreme Custom and it fits that perfectly. The builder wanted the very best of the best with this car, so he hand built it himself. Even the chassis is handmade, and is all tubular. The suspension is center lever F1 inspired and the rear is a center lever four link with a custom Ford nine inch rear-end. The car gets its low, lean look compliments of the full on air ride system, flared front fenders, and extensive body mods. The body has been completely reworked with suicide doors and custom sheet metal inside and out for that classic, yet futuristic look. The power to this one-off masterpiece is supplied by a 351 Cleveland that has been stroked to a 393 fed through 4 48 IDA Webbers. This is all topped off with a set of aluminum heads, backed by a Tremec 6 speed. This build list is long, so call for all the details and extra photos. This is truly amazing automotive artwork by one of the worlds top builders.”

  • oz

    wow, it’s pretty techy. real nicely made

    • dan

      totally ruined I wanna puke

  • bonzomatic

    Very cool, but I’m not a fan of the hood. Seems a bit excessive.

  • Márk Gázser

    That’s one pretty Falcon! The quality seems to be pretty good, too. Well executed! (Not sure that I would ever put airride undre a muscle car, though.)

  • Billy Farmer

    looks like a 1970’s chevy Nova to me

    • Six Thousand Times

      Sorry, what?

  • Six Thousand Times

    I would have chosen 48 IDA Webers rather than those off-brand “Webbers.”

  • yo

    looks sooooo stupid lowered like that

  • rebman

    Great looking. Well executed. $165K? Not for me.

  • Mad Max Refined

    A suitable Mad Max street version for the urban jungle.

  • What_Tha

    Yeah that hood is ridiculous.

  • Eatinbritches

    Awful interior, way too stanced. Overall it’s nice but not to my taste. I was looking forward to seeing a stock looking car in LHD, I would love to import one but don’t like RHD on our roads.