The Only Surviving BMW M5 Replica from Fast & Furious 4 Movie for Sale

Have you ever pondered what happens to movie cars after the filming comes to an end? If they’re not destroyed during the action scenes and sent for scrap metal, they often end up in auction houses or the classifieds, depending on their value. An eBay seller claims to be in possession of the “only surviving” BMW M5 E39 clone (based on a 540i sedan) out of the seven cars used in the fourth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise from 2009. “This is the only surviving BMW out of 7 used in the Fast and Furious 4 Movie,” reads the seller’s note. “It has a roll cage interior with a drifting brake. I also have the Fast and furious 4 story board for the Dom and Brian race scene 72. The  car is orange with graphite trunk, hood and roof. Eye candy for car enthusiast.” The car is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, and there’s “Buy it Now” option, with the eBay seller having preferred to accept bids with an undisclosed reserve price, which hadn’t been met the last time we checked (the highest offer was $4,550).