Scion FR-S or Toyota GT 86 Rendered as a Four-Door Coupe

We’ve already explained our thoughts regarding all those rumors about a four-door sports sedan or four-door coupe, if you prefer, version of the current Scion FR-S, Toyota GT 86 and Subaru BRZ triplets (Subaru, which builds all three cars, has even dismissed a convertible edition), but the design community isn’t subject to any restrictions whatsoever when it comes to imagining future models. This creation is brought to us from Remco Meulendijk at RM Design, who envisioned a four-door body style for the Toyota GT 86, and consequently, the North American market FR-S, since the cars are one and the same. Do take a closer look at the rendering below the jump and leave your comments. Story References: Designrm


  • CLA 45

    And the winner is…

  • Alexandros Alexandrou

    It’s a cool 4door car!!!

  • mb4design

    The original is no stunner for looks, but it’s still a shame to see another sports car lost. If Toyota wants a sporty four door it should make a TRD Corolla. I’ll never understand the desire for four door sports cars. Or performance utility vehicles for that matter. So naturally the next step is the FRS Outback for the absurd masses.

    • davidlapham

      I highly disagree. As a Subaru STi owner, and father of a 4 month old, a 4 door sports car is perfect.

  • Six Thousand Times


  • João Ricardo

    Looks good!

  • Matt Frawley

    it is best choice for Scion FR-S Coupe 4 doors.

  • Matt Frawley

    Hello Scion FR-S 4 doors with RWD will more profit. Goodbye Toyota Corolla with FWD.

    • emjayay

      There are reasons why smaller cars are almost all FWD. Transmission and driveshaft tunnel and trunk and rear seat room. You know, packaging. And traction in the snow. And weight. When BMW made a Golf sized car with RWD it had way less trunk and rear seat space than similar sized competition.

      • davidlapham

        My Subaru has plenty of back seat and trunk space.

      • Dylan Chatland

        have you never heard of the Corolla AE86?

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    Looks great. If they add to it the new 2.5 turbo engine. It will be as if the original 3 series re-birth but with another brand

  • john1168

    Very nice. But it’s gonna need more power…

  • Paul

    Works better than the coupe to me.

  • Andrew Calvo

    They could have made the back of this car more attractive.

    • Dylan Chatland

      at least it looks different from everything else out there. Cant say the rear looks similar to anything else on the road

  • Billy Farmer

    oh look it is a Mazda 6

  • FratDudeWhoWearsAbercrumbie

    It’s pretty nifty and totally cool.

  • frsco

    Look how sucsefully Honda did with the Acura Integra 2 and 4 doors. BUT TOYOTA WILL DO BETTER 4 DOORS 280 HP TURBO OR SUPERCHARGERS NEED ROOM FOR 6FOOT PERSON.