BMW 750i V12 E38 Individualized by Vilner

Most of you probably know what to do if you want a new BMW dressed, or rather, colored-up in the German marque’s Individual program, but what gives if you want to do the same to a used model? Well, then the tuning industry is your friend. Vilner, a Bulgarian design studio with a knack for premium interior modifications, has just wrapped up its latest project based on a facelifted (1998-2001) BMW 750i V12. We’re still waiting for Vilner to give us the skinny on what it did to the car, but from these freshly released photos, we see that the exterior updates include bigger aftermarket rims finished in gloss black, along with smoked front- and rear lights and badges, a blacked-out grille and new fog light units. Inside, the Bulgarian studio dressed the cabin in a mixture of black and gray leather, gray Alcantara and gloss black trim accents. It’s all a matter of personal taste, but in this writer’s eyes, the only thing that kind of looks out of place is the re-upholstered and -trimmed steering wheel.

  • npier598

    Bulgarian… nuff said.

    • Status

      I wouldn’t knock them for being from Bulgaria.

      Vilner does exceptional work; bar none.

      • vlazduhu

        that’s because you’re not an ignorant full of prejudice

  • Sergio Carranza

    love the interior, hate the exterior…

  • What_Tha

    Those wheels are awful. Put the stock wheels back on it.