New BMW M2 Coupe May Arrive in 2016, Report Claims

From the moment BMW unveiled the M235i Coupe, enthusiasts all over the world started to think about how a M2 Coupe would look like. Although BMW hasn’t given any official hints about an M2 model, it appears that the carmaker is at least considering such a vehicle. According to a report from Motor Authority, BMW personnel present at the global launch of the new M235i in Las Vegas gave some encouraging signals about a possible BMW M2 model. When and if it arrives, the M2 Coupe should be lighter, more powerful and sharper than the M235i. The latter is not exactly a light car, with the U.S.-spec model tipping the scales at 3,535 lbs (1,603 kg). The M2 could shave 200 – 300 lbs (91 – 136 kg) from that curb weight, improving performance figures as well as handling. As for the engine, the M2 may benefit from a de-tuned version of the new 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged straight-six from the new M3/M4 that would produce somewhere around 400 hp. One can imagine what a lighter and 80hp more powerful M2 would be like to drive compared to the M235i. In terms of looks, the BMW M2 could borrow styling cues from the M235i Racing (pictured), including the flared fenders, wider wheels and tires and the more aggressive overall look. An M-tuned suspension and M electronics would complete the package, making the M2 Coupe a very fun car to be inisde. If the BMW M2 arrives, it will likely launch as a 2016 model year, which means we could see the car debuting at a major auto show in late 2015 or early 2016.  By Dan Mihalascu