The Story of Pur Sang, Argentina’s Exclusive Builder of Old Bugattis

Pur Sang is a company that opened its doors some two decades ago, with the sole purpose of recreating the Bugatti Type 35. Now they make several models of old Bugatti all of which are built using as much period technology as possible, in order for the end product to be as authentic as possible.

Their most requested car nowadays is still the Type 35, an iconic racer that dominated the scene in the mid-to-late 1920s.

The video posted below details not only its story, but also that of the company and the passion that keeps it going.

Upon watching, one thing becomes immediately apparent: the Type 35 was very advanced for its age, at least in terms of the numbers it put down. Its three-valve per cylinder straight-eight that displaced just two liters was good for around 140 hp, which was sufficient to push it close to 140 mph. Approximate cost for one of these is around $250,000 or thereabout.

Via Electric Federal


  • Jack

    That’s really cool!

  • Alan Blanes

    This niche car maker could become the model for revival of many classic niche cars.