1975 Chrysler Valiant RHD Australian Ute For Sale In the USA

The ute is about as quint-essentially Australian as it can get but to many around the world, it’s as mysterious as Bigfoot.

Famously created in the early 1930s after a farmer’s wife requested Ford Australia build a car that could be used for church on a Sunday and to carry the pigs to the market on Monday. Less than 12 months later, the icon was born and approved for production.

In the following decades, countless utes have been offered across Australia and certainly one of the most recognisable is the 1975 Chrysler Valiant Utility. Dreamt up to rival the staple Ford Falcon and Holden utes, the Valiant offered for sale down under differed from the wagon in the U.S. as it was converted into a ute and built in limited numbers.

In total, just 14,865 units were ever produced and while the vast majority of those still remain in Australia, the following example has found its way to Atlanta, Georgia and is for sale on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding had reached $7,400, still short of the unknown reserve.

This unit has 83,000 miles on the clock and since being registered for use in South Carolina, has only driven 4,000 miles in the ‘States. Power is provided by a 245 cubic inch HEMI straight-6 engine mated to a three-speed automatic transmission.

If you’re in the market for a practical, affordable and eye-catching car, this could be it.