Drunk Woman Abuses Uber Driver, Damages His Car In Bizarre Tirade

The verbal and physical tirade of a neurology resident on an Uber driver in the United States has gone viral.

The woman in the video, Anjali Ramkissoon, is a fourth-year resident at Jackson Health System and in the video, can be seen hitting an Uber driver in the face before verbally abusing him and demanding a ride.

When the Uber driver refused, she jumped in the car and started throwing the driver’s personal items, including papers and scissors, out of the car. While police attended the scene, no official report was taken and the driver apparently accepted a settlement and agreed not to press charges.

Following the emergence of the footage, Jackson Health System confirmed that the Ramkinssoon has been place on administrative leave and “removed from all clinical duties”.

The health facility has also launched an internal investigation into the matter, to decide if and what disciplinary action will be taken.

Story references: Miami Herald

Warning: The following video contains offensive language