2017 Acura NSX Already For Sale On Craigslist… Sort Of

Alongside the Lexus LFA, the new-generation Acura NSX went through one of the longest gestation periods of a modern-day supercar.

Initially announced in December 2007 and scheduled for a market debut in 2010, the new NSX always had a lot of hype to live up to when it finally became a production reality this time last year.

Given how long fans have been waiting, it isn’t surprising waiting lists have apparently reached over two years despite mixed reviews.

There are always some who’d like to skip the waiting list and, where there is a will…

The following listing has appeared on Craigslist in New York and the NSX in question is still yet to be configured. The seller claims to have placed an order back in 2011 and can no longer keep it.

What a buyer will essentially be paying for is a very early production slot for one of the first 2017 NSXs to be delivered in the United States. As the car hasn’t been optioned out, its price can vary between the starting $156,000 and $205,000 when specced out to the max.

The listing itself appears quite sketchy as it isn’t clear what the seller is asking for his spot on the waiting list.