Bentley Introduces New Bespoke Trims Made Out Of… Stone

The race for top-end premiumness will never end with Bentley throwing the option of stone trims in their models, thanks to their bespoke Mulliner division.

You can now have a thin slice of stone inside your new Bentley instead of their usual wood trim, all thanks to the Mulliner’s dedication in finding the best ways to make you feel more special.

The innovative material is sourced from “hand-selected quarries” in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh in India, where the sections of stone are split from larger pieces and then are cured using glass fibre and a special resin. Then they are shipped to Mulliner, where they are shaped and hand-finished in order to take their position inside a Bentley model.

Bentley says that every stone trim panel is both extremely light and translucent, allowing the grain and pattern in the rock to be visible.

“Bentley is the established expert in the handcrafting of wood and leather, and now we are exploring new, fine and rare materials to offer even more bespoke tailoring and choice to our customers,” says Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner Operations. “Stone veneers are another first for Bentley – but only the beginning of what we plan to do with this luxurious and unique material.”

The new Stone Veneers are available in four different colors on the Continental and Flying Spur models: Galaxy, Autumn White, Terra Red and Copper.

Wood or stone? Now that’s a first-world problem.