Speeding On Snowy Roads Is Never A Good Idea

It seems some people just imagine that what ever it is they’re driving is actually cut out to handle some serious WRC snow rally action.

Is it just us or is this guy driving at genuine highway speeds on this snow covered road? Speeding is one thing, but speeding out of your mind is beyond reckless, regardless of the car you’re in.

Even if the car in question is an SUV, that should in no way give you the confidence you’d need in order to drive in the snow as if it was the middle of July. Besides, the faster you go, the less time you have to react when the car loses grip, because you need to focus a lot more on your steering and throttle input.

It would have been massively helpful if we knew the exact make and model of the car, the type of winter tires it had and what type of all-wheel drive system it had (if any), but the moral of the story would have remained the same, obviously – if you stick your head out the window and it’s snowing, don’t drive like a lunatic once you get behind the wheel.

The driver was probably lucky the car didn’t flip over once it ran off the road, and the fact that he used the hand-brake after he stopped does sort of mean he has an understanding of the term “safety”.

Hopefully next time he’ll think twice before misjudging just how fast he should drive during such treacherous weather conditions. At least he was wearing his seatbelt.