Corvette Nearly Sinks, Somehow Drives Through Flash Flood Undamaged

Thought this Lamborghini Gallardo owner was crazy to drive through a flash flood?

As it turns out, he wasn’t the first to do something so dangerous – not just for the car but, more importantly, himself.

The following clip was filmed in August 2014 and shows a bright yellow Chevrolet Corvette wading through a flash flood in Michigan.

At first, the water doesn’t seem too deep. Judging by the massive rooster tails, it turns out it’s a lot more precarious that driving through a deep puddle.

Before long, the water gets deeper and deeper to the point where it covers the hood and begins to rise up the windscreen. Despite this, the driver remains determined to get through the water and, somehow, does just that.

In the immediate aftermath, the car appears to be driving fine with some water flooding the carpets the only sign of its aquatic adventures.

Interestingly, a comment from the car’s owner suggests that the Corvette sustained no mechanical damage after its soaking. Amazing.